So, if I just wait long enough, will the horrid man and woman who spirited my young adult, but very special needs daughter away from home and onto the pages of Craigslist, also be apprehended? How long?

By the time we find her, what will be left of her spirit, of her young body? I wonder what has become of Gordon's victims?

Man Gets 15 Years for Child Sex Trafficking in Atlantic City
September 16, 2011

"An admitted child sex trafficker is going to prison for more than 15 years for transporting minors across state lines to work as prostitutes. A federal judge in Camden sentenced Javon "Teflon" Gordon..."


"...he operated a prostitution ring in the Atlantic City area from September 2007 until July 2008, forcing underage girls to work the streets as well as the casinos. The 29-year-old posted their nude photos on Craigslist in order to drum up business...."

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