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    Lin Wood on Spade's post

    I asked Mr. Wood about Spade's post saying that Lin Wood heard the 911 call with the NY Post lawyers in December, 2002 in the DA's office. This is what he said:

    The Ramseys did not receive the 911 tape from Jenkins. The New York Post lawyers never heard the tape. I was the only lawyer to hear the tape pursuant to the agreement with BPD reached in response to a subpoena I filed in the Wolf case.

    Thank you Mr. Wood for your reply in this matter. I appreciate it.

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    So now I suppose "Mr. Wood," as you call him, will go after Spade.

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    Candy, do you also tell Lin Wood about posts you read here?

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    Re: Lin Wood on Spade's post

    Originally posted by candy
    The Ramseys did not receive the 911 tape from Jenkins.
    Even if that were true, it doesn't mean Jenkins didn't discuss it with them and tell them what was on it.

    Either that or Burke told them.

    How would the Ramseys know what Burke told the GJ?

    From the April 3, 2001 National Enquirer article:

    Burke has been strangely quiet about his sister's murder, the Ramseys reveal. They say it wasn't until Burke's 1999 grand jury testimony that they found out he was awake before police arrived -- but was pretending to be asleep.
    "Yeah, he testified to that. We thought he was asleep but he wasn't," said John, who had told police their son slept through the tragedy.

    Ramseys Change Their Story About Murder Night
    The intruder is innocent! JMO

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    I'd like to know if Lin Wood still considers the BPD lying about the 911 call?

    And if the copy of the 911 call he received from the DA's office had the scratchy noises on it.

    PLUS...why is he so quiet lately?
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    You read it right from Lin Wood; Spade's story about Lin Wood meeting with the NY Post lawyers @ the DA's office in December, 2002 and what he said were LW's comments about the 911 tape was false from beginning to end.

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    As I posted at Cybersleuths, Candy, is Lin Wood willing to provide the tape donor's certification or his own sworn statement in lieu? If not, his word on this is just as suspect as the Rs' and Keenan's....

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    As I posted on CS, I didn't ask him that. I only asked Mr. Wood about this post. I knew that Lin Wood subpoenaed the 911 call in the Wolf case and listened to it at BPD headquarters. It's the post from Spade titled "Bob C":

    Last edited by candy; 10-13-2003 at 12:17 AM.

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    Well then, ASK him this, Candy! You have direct contact with him, so put the question to him and post his answer so we all know where he stands. Let's get the whole truth and nothing but the truth out in the open for once. If LW's just putting a 180 degree spin on the truth of this tape, being the allegedly great lawyer he is, then he should be able to back up his story. Saying it and proving it are two different things, and documentation is certainly what we've all demanded of each other over the years. Go get it, girlfriend!

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    That's your question Deja, YOU ask him. He answered my question.

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    Fine Candy, provide me an email addy and I will. Seems to me you'd want to do this yourself though since you are raising all the doubts about Spade's news break.....

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    Candy, is the post from Spade from one of the WS incarnations or from another forum? If it's from another forum, please summarize and post a link. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the reminder Maxi. I will edit out the post and edit in a link.

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    Candy, your initial post regarding your communication with LW does not contain an email addy. Please also edit or re-post the address so that I can follow up on your communication.

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    I have no intention of posting Mr. Wood's email address on a public board. FFJ people know his email address, ask them.

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