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    Man superglued condom to penis

    A Romanian father-of-five needed medical help after he superglued a condom to his penis.

    Nicolae Popovici, 43, told doctors he didn't want any more children, reports National newspaper.

    The man, from Topraiser in Constanta county, named only as NP in the paper, already has five children.

    He and his wife decided to use contraception but the condom they bought was too big so he stuck it on with glue.

    After sex, the man realised he couldn't remove the condom and went to his village's medical clinic for help.

    A nurse said: "He even said that he thought the condom could be used several times and that he wanted it stuck on his penis so he could use it again later. We barely managed to remove it in the end."


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    Romania again! What is with these people?

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    Ewwwwwww. Why on god's green earth would you want to use it AGAIN? Totally disgusting. I have two adopted cousins from Romania. Thank heaven's they escaped from there when they were infants!

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