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    Beatles's loo roll set to sell for 1,000 per sheet

    It's in the Daily Mail (of course)....

    Hard day's wipe: Toilet roll The Beatles refused to use while recording Abbey Road could sell for 1,000 per sheet

    The Beatles once refused to use a toilet roll while recording their world famous Abbey Road album - because they thought it was too 'hard and shiny'.

    Proving that even the world's most famous band was not adverse to the odd diva strop, the rock legends rejected the roll during the 1960s as it also had EMI stamped on every sheet.
    The roll was bought for 85 and came with a jokey letter of authentication by Townsend.

    The letter, signed by [former EMI manager Ken] Townsend, reads: 'Most things went very smoothly with the Beatles at Abbey Road - but not this roll of toilet paper which they complained was too hard and shiny.
    'The paper was immediately withdrawn and things became much smoother for staff after that.'
    more at link above

    Ah, but wait, not so fast! WebSleuths had this tale (no pun) back in 2005!

    Beatles' loo roll up for auction
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