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    Attention please

    It is against WS's TOS and Rules to call names or use name variations.

    What this means to our posters in Caylee's forum is that it is against the rules to call Casey Anthony "the felon."

    Because Casey and Cindy have the same initials, it has been difficult to come up with appropriate names/initials that would also distinguish between the two.

    To that end - you may call Casey "FCA" for felon Casey Anthony, "KC" as an acronymn of her name, or Casey.

    Cindy remains CA or Cindy or Cindy Anthony; George remains GA, George or George Anthony; and, Lee remains LA, Lee or Lee Anthony.

    If you have any questions about this, please let one of the Mods know.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


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    Okay, I don't have time to expound much but I saw this thread get linked in another thread which was totally OT re: the topic. Salem made it clear to ask a mod if you have any questions. Moderation is ONLY discussed privately via PM and not on the main board, per WS TOS and Rules.

    Since I don't have time to PM the 3 posters whose posts I removed, I am going to make this short and sweet here, then if you have further questions, please PM the mod of your choice.

    We have allowed A LOT... A LOT... of leeway since the verdict and permitted posters to express their feelings of disappointment in the verdict. It is over 4 months later and it is time to calm down. The name of this forum is WEBSLEUTHS. Not "Web-vent". Not "Web-bash". Not "Web-flame". It is WebSLEUTHS.

    Bottom line, yes, Casey is a convicted felon. However, felon is still a name variation and using it as the only reference when referring to her is nothing more than a way to circumvent the rules here. We are not saying that you cannot refer to her status as a convicted felon when making a point, just that you can not use the word felon when referring to her personally instead of one of the permitted names or acronyms. You guys have the option to use the acronym "FCA" and that should be good enough for those of you who would like to refer to her status as a felon.

    Look at it this way - those of you who were here when Judge Strickland recused himself will remember a few posters who intentionally referred to him as "the disqualified judge". It was inflammatory, although legally speaking, correct. That was nipped in the bud and it didn't take 4 months to do it. This is no different. It is just that the majority of posters are on the other side of the fence this time.

    The ONLY goal of the mods here in doing this is to restore some civility to this forum. It is time to calm down. Bottom line, the inflammatory name variations are no longer going to be allowed. We're really not asking that much and would appreciate your cooperation.