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    Canada - Shawn Chiasson for child pornography, Oshawa, Ont, 2011

    I know Filly started a subcategory of Santas but this guy is not on the list. Yet another who brings shame to the name of Father Christmas and to daycare providers. SHAME!!


    Santa Claus, daycare operater charged with child porn
    September 21, 2011

    "An Oshawa man, who runs a daycare and has also worked as a Santa Claus in GTA malls, has been charged with several child pornography offences..."


    “...The issue we’re looking at right now is whether this individual actually was involved in victimizing some of the children that were under his care...."


    "...The accused operates Kids Matter Family DayCare and ran the same daycare business on Thorogood Street in Ajax for six months before moving to the Oshawa address in November 2010. The accused went by “Santa Shawn” when he worked at Promenade Mall, Fairview Mall, Hillcrest Mall, Centrepoint Mall, East York Town Centre and Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids hair salons...."


    "....Shawn Chiasson, 37, has been charged with possession of child pornography, making child pornography available, attempt accessing child pornography and accessing child pornography...."

    more at link

    And a video here:


    Forgive me for not being as non-judgemental as I typically try to be but did no parent have the tiniest twinge of doubt about Santa Shawn? Really?

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    Santa Shawn's FB page. Almost 500 friends and a large number of family. It seems he's into ghost walks, parties and hauntings:


    "Shawn Chiasson....Guests will also have a chance to see ghost hunting equipment put to use like the K2 meter as seen on all paranormal shows on TV. If they wish, they can try and communicate to the other side and try and get a response through the K2. A Must Do for people with an interest in the paranormal...."

    He shows up here too:


    From yesterday: "Simply said, if we chose to ignore the workings of karma, we tend to create many problems for ourselves. For example, if we like to have something expensive, but we cannot afford it, it becomes very tempting to steal. If we are smart and attentive enough, we may never be caught stealing. However, by stealing, (according to the law of karma) we create problematic situations for ourselves in the future, like poverty, or being the victim of robbers. Therefore, if we chose to ignore karma, the results of our actions will still haunt us...."

    Yep. Karma.

    A FB page looking for possible victims:


    "...Prior to Ajax, Oshawa he was in Brampton for a period of 6 months. Appears he only stays in a particular locale for approximately 6 months at a time before he moves on. The Family Matters Day Care name goes with him...."

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    His daycare website has disappeared but this site shows that he served newborns to 12 year olds, including children with special needs:


    His home/daycare was open from 6:30 am to 7 pm and he offered transportation.

    I'll bet he went all out for Halloween. YIKES!!

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    He's still got 338 Facebook friends!

    May 2013:

    An Oshawa man whose predilection for pictures of people wearing diapers led him to the murky world of online porn trading sites has been sentenced to a year in jail.

    With credit for the time he's spent on restrictive bail terms and in custody since his arrest in the fall of 2011, Shawn Chiasson is left with a little over five months to serve. He pleaded guilty in late January to a single count of possession of child pornography.

    He said he has a diaper fetish, and bulk downloaded collections of adult diaper pornography without knowing that a few images of children were in there too.

    But he also sent some pictures of children wearing diapers to an undercover cop posing as a fellow diaper fetishist. He said those pictures weren't pornographic, but the judge ruled that they were, due to the way the children were posed.

    Now, if he's got a legitimate diaper fetish and just does stuff with consenting adults, fair enough. But why on earth, if he was not interested in children sexually as he claims, would he send pictures of children in diapers to the undercover cop??

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