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    Attention: All posters read

    There is a lot of contention/bickering going on in the threads.

    Please remember a difference of opinion is not a TOS violation.

    Here are some of the rules everyone in these threads needs to review:

    Quote Originally Posted by WS Admin View Post
    Any time a group of people get together there are bound to be disagreements. This forum is no exception. We are in no position to tell you what to think of ideas you see expressed here, but in our Terms of Service we do lay out the rules about how you can post here.

    If you find that there is a fellow poster whose thoughts you find you are unable to even read without losing your composure, your "Ignore List" is your friend. When you put a poster on this list, the following will happen:

    • You will not see their posts;
    • They will not be able to send you PMs;
    • They will not be able to send you email vial the Board links;
    • They will not be able to leave you visitor messages.

    By all means if someone is violating the TOS use the little red triangle to send us an alert. But if you are thinking of sending the staff a PM or email because a certain poster:

    • Will not answer your questions;
    • Will not back up their opinions to your satisfaction;
    • Will not change their mind no matter how obvious things are to everyone else.

    Please, consider adding them to your ignore list.

    NOTE: Do NOT post a message saying you are doing so, that's a TOS violation by you. Put them on the list and be happy.

    Useful links:

    FAQ entry on troublesome users

    Your Ignore List

    Your Privacy Settings

    Various other settings you may want to set.

    Baiting /Trolling / Inciting Conflict:

    “Trolling” or making posts with the intention of creating problems on the forums is obviously against the forum guidelines. This includes registering an alternative ID for the sole purpose of creating problems on the forums. “Troll ID’s” will be locked immediately and permanently, and the primary account holder may be banned from WS. Members that visit WS only to participate in “conflict” threads may be designated as Trolling and have their account temporarily or permanently suspended. WS also reserves the right to require a certain number of posts, length of membership, or other criteria be met to allow posting on certain topics. We have zero tolerance for members that create posts with the sole purpose of antagonizing other members.

    If you have questions about any of this information - you may contact a mod through the private messaging system.



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    Moderators do not pay any mind to the opinion or point of view of any individual poster. When a post is removed, it is NEVER for point of view. It is typically for breaking etiquette,violating TOS/guidelines,going OT,attacking another member, trolling or quoting another post that violated in some way.

    Different points of view are welcome and encouraged; provided they are posted within the guidelines of the forum. People will disagree on every case.

    If a post violates in some way, please alert on it. Mods usually look at the alerts within a few hours and will tend to it if it violates. We always need and appreciate your eyes and ears on the board as we cannot read every post.

    Remember- attack the post not the poster.

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