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    WA - Driving instructor Mark Satterlund charged with molesting 9 kids

    Is this a first? I don't recall any other massage therapist accused of the molestation of children. And prior to that, he was a driving instructor. This is a bit tardy but I still don't see a trial date:


    Bellevue massage therapist accused of molesting nine children
    March 1, 2011

    "King County [WA] prosecutors filed additional charges against a Bellevue massage therapist who was accused of molesting an 11-year-old boy last year. Prosecutors accused Mark Douglas Satterlund, 50, of molesting eight more children, for a total of 11 child molestation or sexual assault charges. Prosecutors say Satterlund also used his post as a driver's education instructor at Mercer Island's SWERVE Driving School to attempt to molest students. He allegedly touched the legs, genitals or stomach of five boys..."


    "...Satterlund also offered to give one boy a "rub down" and was sending inappropriate text messages to another. In both cases, he asked the boys to keep his actions secret from their parents...."

    more at link

    And from last year:


    Massage practitioner charged with child molestation
    June 7, 2010

    "....On May 21, a woman who had gone to Satterlund for massages went to Bellevue police with information about her son. The 11-year-old, who is home schooled, had gone to Satterlund's house after the man offered to teach the boy how to make a fountain using river rocks. That Friday, the boy alleged Satterlund walked around in his boxer shorts and put his hand over the boy's genitals, according to a probable cause document. The boy, who sometimes went with his mother to Satterlund's house while she got massages, told police Satterlund had touched his genitals "a few other times" prior to the alleged project incident...."

    more at link

    So, a parent home schools her child and takes him with her while she has a massage. One would think that's about the best a parent can do as far as supervision goes. She lays face down on the massage table and the creeper moves in on the child. They are so bold. I know this adds to the thrill but it's flat out disgusting. The poor little boy. He must have been so confused and embarrassed. And eight others??!!

    And, according to Satterlund's attorney:


    "...The real story behind all of this will emerge at trial..."

    more at link

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    This is a first for me too but I guess they are everywhere ! Always looking for an opening
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    Article from August 2012:
    Satterlund, 52, pleaded guilty in April to in 2009, an 11-year-old Bellevue boy in 2010, and sexually assaulting seven other minors most of whom were Mercer Island High School students.He was sentenced to nearly 11 years in state prison.

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