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    CA - Michael Bell, 26, Fresno County, 16 Sept 2011

    Michael Bell, 26, was last seen on video surveillance on September 16th at his in Los Angeles. He was suppose to take a trip to the east coast to meet with his family, but he never arrived.

    When his family returned from their trip, they check Bell's apartment. His clothes and personal belongings were there but he, and his car, were missing

    The missing blue 2002 Toyota Camry was found by C.H.P. on I-5 near Russell Ave. in Western Fresno County, but there are no signs of Bell.

    Snipped: http://abclocal.go.com/kfsn/story?se...cal&id=8370668 (Photo at link)

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    Missing L.A. man's car found in Fresno Co.

    "Michael Bell, 26, was last seen Sept. 16 on video surveillance at his apartment. He was planning to travel to the eastern United States to visit his family but never arrived. A car belonging to his mother, a 2002 Toyota Camry, was found Sept. 17 on Interstate 5 near Russell Avenue but there was no sign of Bell."


    This article, dated today, states his mother's car was found on Sept. 17. Now, nine days later, the first information about his disappearance is hitting some local Fresno Co. media. Why the delay? It would also be informative to know just where in Los Angeles his apartment is, and a Google search this evening of his name didn't come up with any L.A. area media covering his disappearance.

    Since it doesn't appear Mr. Bell had any plans to travel north by car, sadly a crime may have occurred in L.A. with the perpetrator(s) driving the car to where it was found then abandoning it. Hopefully there is some DNA inside it and the perp(s) have a criminal record to tie them to it.

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    Michael Bell, 26, of Los Angeles, was taken to the Chevron gas station on Interstate 5 at the West Panoche Road exit about 3 p.m. Sept. 17 by a California Highway Patrol officer after Bellís car ran out of gas on Interstate 5, Los Angeles police said.

    Read more: http://www.fresnobee.com/2011/10/31/...#ixzz1cPcRMfD9

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    Whoa.......Michael has been missing six weeks now??
    No videos at gas station?
    Would the police drive him there to get gas and not drive him back to his car?
    Did he call for roadside service or help from station?

    Not much information.
    Where are you Michael??
    Hoping for a speedy and safe return.

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    I can't find any information on Michael - no NamUs, no posters nothing! Where are you Michael and who's looking for you??

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    I live near here and have never heard of Michael Bell.

    Let's start with a picture of this young man.

    I also would love to see the video from the connivence store.
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    If he lives in LA and was last seen there, I wonder why was he almost 4 hours north at 3am? This is a traveling highway with Sacramento being the next major city. Where he was last seen is the middle of nowhere. If he was supposed to be leaving for a trip, I wonder where he was heading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuoco7 View Post
    If he lives in LA and was last seen there, I wonder why was he almost 4 hours north at 3am? This is a traveling highway with Sacramento being the next major city. Where he was last seen is the middle of nowhere. If he was supposed to be leaving for a trip, I wonder where he was heading?
    I think he was last seen in Fresno County when the police drove him to a gas station. I'm surprised by the lack of follow-up from LE. Why didn't they give him a ride back to his car? Where could he have gone from that gas station? Perhaps he started hitchhiking. He's a big guy so may not have worried about possible danger from taking a ride from a stranger.

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    Michael was entered into NamUs in March of this year.
    Status Missing
    First name Michael
    Middle name Darnell
    Last name Bell
    Nickname/Alias Mike
    Date last seen September 16, 2011 00:00
    Date entered 03/05/2014
    Age last seen 26 to years old
    Age now 28 years old
    Race Black/African American
    Sex Male
    Height (inches) 72.0
    Weight (pounds) 190.0

    Dental Status: Dental information / charting is available and entered
    DNA Status: Sample submitted - Tests complete
    Fingerprint Information Status: Fingerprint information is available and entered

    Michael has been missing for 3 years today.

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    Michael has been missing for four years now. The circumstances are very strange and there are so many unanswered questions. If this had happened in 1981, I would understand the lack of details but 2011 wasn't that long ago, so you would think that more information would be available.

    Like others have asked, why didn't CHP give him a ride back to his car? How far of a walk was it? Is it illegal to walk on the freeway? If so, did Michael tell the patrol officer something that indicated he didn't need a ride back? Were any credit card sales recorded from the gas station?

    Days later, his family checked his apartment. When they did, they found that his "personal belongings" were still there. Since he was (presumably) going to Ohio, shouldn't some of his things have been missing? With regards to the trip, it didn't specify if they believe he was on his way when he ran out of gas. I would imagine that not too many people would make that drive and opt to fly instead.



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    He disappeared without a trace six years ago. His mother has never stopped looking


    Six years after the disappearance of her only son, DeíAnna McKnight-Bell still finds herself taking detours home through new neighborhoods to look for him. She stops beneath bridges to check homeless encampments and scans the faces of people walking down the sidewalk.

    ďIím constantly looking to see if thatís my son. Ö Iím never going to give up,Ē she says.
    There have been few clues to track. Bell, who was living in Los Angeles, didnít tell family where he was going the day he went missing. His mother knows only what CHP officers who picked him up said he told them Ė that he had left a religious service he didnít like. Bell owned a Church of Scientology book and was studying that faith, McKnight-Bell says, but she wasnít aware of her son regularly attending any church.

    Detective Samuel Soto with the Los Angeles Police Department says Bellís case remains open, although thereís been no new information since he disappeared.

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