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You are so right. I hope Murray gets everything he deserves and more. So what if Michael had a problem with drugs. Does that mean that a doctor is supposed to get him whatever he wants or demands? Murray got him anything he wanted cause he was getting paid the big bucks and if he said no the money would have stopped. The doctor knew better...that is the point...not that Michael had a problem with drugs. I hold the doctor responsible for Michael's death. First of all he should have never had most of those drugs in the house and he should have not been giving Michael a drug that is only used in surgery in a surgical room. That doctor knew he didn't have the proper equipment in case something went wrong. If he had stayed off the phone maybe he would have realized that something was wrong soon enough to save Michael's life.

I think Murray taped Michael so that he could sell that recording someday. He didn't have good intentions when he recorded him.
Are we really surprised that another person did something nefarious to MJ in order to make money off of him? The point of him taping MJ in a vulnerable state of mind is he had no legal right to do so whatsoever..yet he did. When one takes advantage of MJ it is always done with 'how many bucks can it bring ME." So I am not surprised this charlatan taped MJ. He is just one among many that had betrayed MJs trust.

While there has been no evidence entered showing MJ to be an active drug addict it is very certain he suffered from terrible insomnia and felt rightly or wrongly propofol was the only thing that worked.

I just read an article yesterday about a recent study done and there does seem to be some truth in that and it can help insomnia patients but of course it is administered in a hospital or clinical setting only.

Murray acted like the doctors we use to hear about who performed abortions in a back alley somewhere. No safeguards in place anywhere for their patients in case an emergency arose.

Murray had done this for 60 days he said in his interview to LE but something went terribly wrong the day he killed MJ. He simply was more preoccupied with talking/texting the ladies than continuing to monitor his paycheck (MJ) and for that reason and that reason alone is why MJ died. CM had to jerry rig the propofol and way too much entered his blood stream at one time causing cardiac arrest minutes after.