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    The Carolina's

    WA - Four people murdered in three-state killing spree, Sept-Oct 2011

    Cody Myers went missing on Saturday, but his car popped up in Salem during a crime at a local gas station.

    His family says Cody Myers left his home in Lafayette on Saturday for the Newport Jazz Festival. He was going alone. That was the last time his family saw him.

    Sunday a clue emerged for Cody's family. According to Klein, who spoke with detectives, Cody's car was spotted Saturday night around midnight driving erratically on I-5 near Salem.

    A short time later, around 1:00 a.m., Cody's car stopped at this gas station off of Lancaster Drive Southeast. His sister says Cody wasn't in the car, but a woman was driving. She was pictured in the store's security cameras used a stolen credit card to buy milk and cigarettes.

    The store's clerk told us he chased after her as she sped off, writing down the car's license plate number.
    Snipped: http://www.kptv.com/story/15608434/f...ng-19-year-old (More info at link)

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    Oh, wow, this doesn't sound good at all....praying for this family.

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    OH my not another young man missing

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    Wow....his car being used by someone else is a very disturbing detail.

    This young man apparently ran into some serious trouble. It doesn't look like this case will have a favorable outcome.

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    Is that blowing the margins? I can't tell with the program I'm using.

    I'm not far from these places. And I have a son about the same age.

    "Casting Crowns" (on his Tshirt) is a Christian band and probably not a Tshirt that a rowdy kid would be wearing.

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    I wonder what time Cody left on Saturday? MSM says he was going to the jazz festival in Newport. The events on Saturday started at 9:30 am, but the music started about noon. (http://www.jazzatnewport.org/home.cfm?dir_cat=91272) So presumably he would have left early to mid morning. It takes less than 2 hours to drive from Lafayette to Newport.

    He was alone, so it's hard to say if he made it to the festival or not. He did not text his family saying he made it, but he's 19, and might not have even thought about it. I wonder if he planned on staying in Newport that night for the events on Sunday, or if he planned to drive back that night?

    Maybe something happened at the festival, and that person took the car and back-tracked to Salem? Or, since the person was also in possession of a stolen credit card, hopefully they just stole the car and Cody got stranded. Maybe his cell phone died and his charger was in the car? Have they tried to ping the phone?

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    He's 6'3" - that's pretty tall!

    Here's a pic of a Plymouth Breeze. The article didn't mention the year of the one he was driving?

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    He appears to be a healthy, happy and attractive young man. I know his family is just crazy about now. I too like Casting Crowns. (shirt) Indicates to me he is confident in who he is and very well adjusted.

    SWMNBN, I agree with your assesment that he may have gotten stranded. Perhaps even lost his wallet in the deal. I hope he turns up soon. The car wound up back in Salem? hmmmmmmmm

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    Map of the locations. Hope this works.


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    Thank you for the map. Oh my, first look by me and my heart says he never made it there. That would be "jumping to conclusions" I know but this is what MY logic says.

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    The Carolina's
    "Not only did they try to get fuel, but they also got a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, some ravioli in a can – which kind of tells me that maybe they live in the Salem area," said Klein.

    There was another man in the car at the gas station but he had his head covered.

    Myers' family now worries he may have been carjacked.

    The white four-door Plymouth Breeze has an Oregon license plate that reads 025-CCH. It also has the word "Espresso" written on the lower part of both sides.
    Snipped: http://www.katu.com/news/local/131033668.html (Video and a photo of his car at link)

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    Hmmmm....who's credit card was used? I assume it's not Cody's or else that would have been said?

    Milk and a can of ravioli? Sounds to me like the woman has a child or children.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shelby1 View Post
    Hmmmm....who's credit card was used? I assume it's not Cody's or else that would have been said?

    Milk and a can of ravioli? Sounds to me like the woman has a child or children.......
    And that she must be somewhat local to the station where she "bought" the items, unless she carries a can opener with her and likes cold canned ravioli.

    Geez, this doesn't sound good. Prayers that he is found safe!

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    Search broadens for missing Lafayette teen
    Oct 4 2011

    The Newberg-Dundee, Keizer, Salem and Everett, Wash. police departments, Marion County Sheriff's Office, Yamhill County Crime Victims Services, Oregon State Police and U.S. Marshals Service are assisting Yamhill County authorities.
    We are not perfect human beings, nor do we have to pretend to be,
    but it is necessary for us to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

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    A few tweets from local media

    fox12oregon FOX 12 Oregon KPTV

    2 p.m. news conference now planned in missing teen case as police investigate link to Everett, WA murder. http://bit.ly/piLjpt

    5 minutes ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

    KGWNews KGW News

    UPDATE: Missing Oregon teen is in danger, deputies say -http://bit.ly/nFVCv5
    2 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

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