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    MI - Anthony Williams, 40, nearly decapitated by coworker, Detroit, 27 Oct 2004

    A 30-year-old man, who said he'd been bullied for months at the plant where he worked, fashioned a piece of metal into a sword and killed a co-worker, police said.

    "We don't know at this time if this was a case of work rage or just two employees not getting along," Major Crimes Section Inspector Bill Rice said Thursday.

    The slaying occurred shortly before 11:50 p.m. Wednesday at Peerless Metal Co., in the 6300 block of West Fort at Livernois. When officers arrived at the plant they found the body of Anthony Williams, 40, lying on the shop floor. He almost had been decapitated in the attack.

    Police arrested the Detroit man, who was sitting in a chair about 20 feet away from the body smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. His clothes were blood-splattered and he was the only other person in the building, police said.

    Employees told police that the suspect and Williams had been at odds for several months, but they didn't know what started the problem between the two men. They told police that when the suspect arrived at work Wednesday evening, he got into an argument with Williams.

    The suspect told officers he left work and went to a party store, where he bought cigarettes and a beer, and then returned to the plant.

    Police said the suspect, who police said was convicted of assault in 1999, fashioned a 2-foot-long piece of metal into a sword, using a hammer and a machine. "After the suspect had made the weapon, (he) brandished it ... where the other employees could see it," Rice said. "He told all the other employees to go home."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Casshew

    "We don't know at this time if this was a case of work rage or just two employees not getting along," Major Crimes Section Inspector Bill Rice said Thursday.

    Or, perhaps, a little bit of both.
    I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for pretending to be someone I'm not.

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    In October of 2006, a jury found James Flemons guilty of second-degree murder but mentally ill for slashing his co-worker to death with a homemade samurai sword.

    Earliest Release Date: 10/26/2029
    Maximum Discharge Date: 10/26/2124

    Officer: Man admitted challenging co-worker to duel before slashing him to death

    James Flemons calmly admitted to police that he had slashed his co-worker to death after challenging him to a duel, according to a police officer who testified Thursday.

    Flemons allegedly told the officer that on Oct. 27, 2004, he handed his co-worker a piece of metal in a "valiant and honorable challenge."

    Flemons then went to his car and returned with a 38-inch samurai sword and began chasing his co-worker, Anthony Williams, with it. He killed Williams, 46, as other employees at the Peerless Metal Powders & Abrasive plant looked on.

    Flemons, 32, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. His lawyers say that he is schizophrenic and has a dangerous obsession with fantasy role-playing games, like Dungeons & Dragons. They have argued that he was acting out a fantasy when he slashed Williams to death.
    Prosecutors argue that Flemons was lucid, well aware of his actions and acted out of revenge.

    Flemons allegedly said that Williams had been bullying him for months. "I just snapped. I was pissed off and I wanted to hit him with something," he said, according to Zwicker.

    Flemons told the officer that he chased after Williams, swinging the sword. He said he couldn't remember how many times he slashed Williams.

    Zwicker testified that Flemons seemed "calm and normal" when gave his voluntary statement after the killing. He never mentioned hearing voices, experiencing delusions or hallucinations, Zwicker said.
    Lawyer says Dungeons & Dragons gamer was acting out a fantasy when he killed co-worker with a sword

    Dungeons & Dragons player tried for murder after killing co-worker with homemade sword

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