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    PA - Scott Robins, 42, shot to death at his Ridley Township home, 10 Oct 2011

    Jim Dellavecchia aged 72 called Ridley Township police several times to complain that his neighbor Scott Robins aged 42 was making too much noise building a shed in his yard.

    This morning Dellavecchia waited for Mr. Robins to leave for work when he shot him and Mr. Robins perished. A co-worker in the van was able to hide under the truck to escape injury.

    Kristen Snow the step-daughter of Scott Robins was shot as well when she came out to see what the noise was. She remains hospitalized.

    While in police custody while handcuffed Dellavecchia took a dive head first into a wall and is hospitalized.


    How senselessly sad. May Mr. Robins RIP and his step-daughter recover from her injuries.

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    From December 2012:


    A Delaware County man was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison for the October 2011 shooting death of his Ridley Township neighbor.

    James Dellavecchia, 73, did not react as Judge Michael F.X. Coll handed down the mandatory sentence and added up to 14 years for additional charges...

    Robins was rushed to Crozer-Chester Medical Center and died about two hours after the shooting, but he was able to give police a statement implicating his neighbor. That statement was instrumental in convicting Dellavecchia.

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