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    Charges filed over detergent in drink=domestic battery

    MATTOON - A local woman has been charged with domestic battery and her alleged weapon was a glass of wine spiked with dishwashing soap, based on Mattoon Police Department reports.

    Brandis R. Paige, 38, was arrested late Friday afternoon at Mattoon Police Department for adding the dishwashing soap to the wine, causing Douglas Paige, her husband, to become ill. He was taken by ambulance to Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center for treatment and later released.

    "She admitted to the arresting officer that she did it to "wash his potty mouth out,'" Mattoon Deputy Police Chief Jason Taylor stated.

    Read more: http://jg-tc.com/news/local/article_...#ixzz1aTdjbk2x
    New meaning to the song "Tiny Bubbles"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ike83 View Post
    New meaning to the song "Tiny Bubbles"?
    From the article; The couple is considering a divorce but still living together.

    Read more: http://jg-tc.com/news/local/article_...#ixzz1aWNkf9FC

    I wonder what his final decision about the marriage will be?

    Couldn't you taste that much soap in a glass of wine?

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    This one sounds odd. He probably realized what she tried to do, feigned illness and caused the drama to get the divorce uncontested.. LOL
    It's just MOO. I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time and it surely won't be the last!

    Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    I heading over to Mattoon in the morning. I will ask around. LOL LOL

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