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    TX - Sammi Ochoa, 10, & two women slain to hide sex abuse, San Antonio, 14 Sept 2011


    Hearing Reveals Years Of Alleged Abuse

    SAN ANTONIO -- Testimony told the story of a child failed at every turn.
    It began in 2010, when she made an outcry of sexual assault accusing her uncle, Baron Ochoa. She even had a sexual assault exam in November that tested positive, according to testimony by a Child Protective Services caseworker during Friday's hearing.
    More of this tragic story at the link.
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    what a hollow victory....poor grandma.

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    RIP Sammy.....

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    Just my opinions (and I have been wrong before)!


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    That is so sickening. It would be bad enough to be sexually abused by your uncle when you were 9 or 10. But within the year not only is your uncle raping you, but your father also.

    Then to make matters so much worse, just as she has hope of getting away, the two nightmares show up to kill her and her mother. Sickening. I hope they both get the DP.

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    RIP little one.

    I suppose there will be an inquiry and a request to overhaul the CPS system, right? Why am I not reading that there is a public outcry? Somehow Uncle was never charged in a criminal court I am assuming after the first allegation? And then uncle and dad were given access to little one again.

    You know what really strikes me from a 30K foot level? The fact that these pedophiles used their adult strength to threaten the life of a child and then followed through with killing her. Big tough men, right? Even their names will be forgotten until they are a week away from being executed.

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    From January 2015:


    The motion was filed in the capital murder case of Conrad Ochoa, 32, and his brother Baron Ochoa, 40. The brothers are accused in the deaths of Conrad Ochoa’s 10-year-old daughter Sammi, her mother Rebecca Gonzalez and Gonzalez’s friend, Pam Wenske.

    Investigators believe the three were stabbed to death in Gonzalez's home on Sept. 14, 2011. The home was set ablaze in what police believe was an attempt to cover up evidence of sexual abuse...

    The recusal in the Ochoa brothers' case means that in all likelihood, it will not be tried until this summer.
    ***Very graphic details about the case at link below; proceed with caution.***


    Cannot find anything further. Hopefully going to trial soon...

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    Special prosecutor explains Ochoa brothers' plea deals

    Brothers Baron and Conrad Ochoa once faced capital murder charges in the 2011 deaths of Conrad Ochoa’s 10-year-old daughter, her mother and a family friend.
    “The capital murder cases simply weren’t there,” special prosecutor Mark Luitjen said Thursday.

    “All of the capital murder charges were dismissed,” Luitjen said. “But they were dismissed without prejudice, which means that in the event that new evidence is found or is brought forward then they can be re-indicted for capital murder.”
    Conrad Ochoa’s plea deal calls for a 10-year prison term. He has already been sentenced.

    Man who sexually abused 10-year-old niece sentenced to 55 years in prison

    A man who sexually abused his 10-year-old niece was sentenced Thursday to 55 years in prison for each of three counts of child sex abuse.

    Baron Ochoa pleaded guilty last year and will serve the sentences concurrently. (...)

    Last month, we spoke to Sammie's grandmother, who told us she believes they will face murder charges again.

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    Once accused of daughter's horrific murder, child porn convict to be released on parole
    Conrad Ochoa, 36, who was once charged with capital murder and accused of killing his young daughter, her mother, and a family friend, will soon be out on parole.

    "I'll be looking to get a protective order, I'm afraid of him," said Suzy Bianchi Peters, the victims’ grandmother.

    The capital murder charges were dismissed against Ochoa and his brother, Baron, but they both took plea deals last year on lesser charges.

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