Has anyone here ever profiled any of the infamous bullies here besides me, like Lori Drew, South Hadley 6, Jennifer Petkov, etc.? I am surprised they have not been profiled. I am curious what other people think and their conclusion are.

My thinking with Lori Drew is someone who is fearful of rejection, conscious of social status, consumed by jealousy, self-righteous, and has deep seated rage issues. As for South Hadley 6, they are territorial, insecure, jealous, and just as rageful, especially Kayla Narey, Flannery Mullins, Ashley Longe, and Sharon Chanon Velazquez. Jennifer Petkov is a plain trouble maker and driven by perceived slighting. Dharun Ravi is consumed by self-hatred and likely has pent up rage. Molly Wei is someone who is dependent and cannot think for herself.