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    Dad Furious After Teen Daughter’s Sex Tape Goes Viral

    BALTIMORE — A sex tape recorded on Baltimore City school property has spread all over the Internet. The father of the 14-year-old girl involved was so upset he contacted WJZ.

    Meghan McCorkell has more.

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    Some of the comments were cringe worthy... In a lot ways kids today don't get to make mistakes privately anymore.

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    It was only online for four days. While I understand his upset and anger, these things don't get taken down unless they are flagged and then someone manually has to take it down. There's not someone sitting at Twitter or Youtube or Facebook reading every single post and video that's entered.

    While it should be investigated criminally, I'm not sure why he went to the media, unless he felt LE was doing a poor job. He's only attracting more attention to his daughter. There's still copies of that video floating around, and now people will know to look for it - people that may have been ignorant about the situation.

    I feel very sorry for him, and I'm not criticizing at all. It's just a course of action I would not have taken. It seems a bit unwise to me.
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    Maybe it's the way the story was written, or the way I interpreted it, but he seemed more upset that it was on the internet, than the fact that his daughter (whether against her will or not) was engaging in sexual acts.

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    I see several problems here. First the girl claims she was bullied into this. I would have to ask if the school and LE is investigating that part of this.Also is there any possibility of rape? Second how old was the boy? In either/neither of them were bullied into it then they could be investigated for the production of child porn. Taping the sex act of a 14 year old is production of child porn. Is that being investigated? Third it went viral. How many of those kids have accessed the video? Each of them should be investigated for child porn. Fourth anyone who downloaded the video and passed it on, or passed the link to it could be investigated for distribution. I'm not saying that all of that should happen. But every child in that school should be aware that it could happen. And that if it ever happens again it will happen.

    Oh and every kid that was there should have their phones checked. I have a feeling that the internet posting was probably the least of it. Most likely there are other videos on cell phones.

    The social media. Yeah I can see where that is a problem. They don't vet every video that is posted, thus they run the risk that illegal activity could be posted and remain there until someone flags it. Thus they run the risk of a lawsuit against them. And possibily they could be looked at for criminal charges also. Though so far LE doesn't seem to be going after the hosts where illegal child porn is posted, they seem to stop at the posters of the illegal porn.

    The school comments in the article seem to stop at this was done after school hours near a building that isn't used for instruction. And they are cooperating with LE. I would think they would have more responsibility. Was this a place where kids often congregated or was this a first time thing? Was any staff aware at any point that this occurred? Were they aware of the video before parents became aware and what actions did they take? Had any of them viewed this or any other video of this? What action does the school intend to take on the instruction of the kids to prevent a future occurrence?

    BTW is there any criminal investigation of this in place? The article didn't say.

    This school and these parents have a mess on their hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oh_gal View Post
    Maybe it's the way the story was written, or the way I interpreted it, but he seemed more upset that it was on the internet, than the fact that his daughter (whether against her will or not) was engaging in sexual acts.
    Especially since there is always a possibility that other people may have made videos but just didn't post them online.

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    I dont know what makes me more mad: the kids that did this, or the people that defend them ("I suspose you never did anything when you were a kid" etc). First, if this is coerced sex, it is a felony sexual assault. Second, if it is consensual then these kids seriously need to be in some counseling and expelled. No matter how hard they try, they will NEVER get that video off the internet. That girl will have to live with that for the rest of her life and it WILL effect her life.

    I am a bit confused by the article because there was another incident, I believe also in Baltimore area, of 3 teens having sex in the classroom. I initially thought this was about that incident.

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