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    GA - Rhonda Coleman, 18, Hazlehurst, 18 May 1990



    For years after her death, the mere mention of her name still brings tears to the eyes of those who knew her best and in those who only heard of her in death. A smart, spunky teenager, who dreamed of being a pediatric nurse, lost her life on a country road outside Hazlehurst, Georgia.

    On May 17th, 1990, after spending the evening working on senior class activities, Rhonda said goodbye to her friends for what would be the last time and slipped away into the arms of God. Her car was found abandoned that night with the lights still on and the engine running. Her body was found three days later in neighboring Montgomery County.

    While Rhonda was only with us for 18 wonderful years, her spirit and her legacy lives on in those who knew and loved her. This site is dedicated to her memory and in the hope that her killer will one day be brought to justice.

    The family of Rhonda Sue Coleman is still seeking information which will lead to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the murder of Rhonda. We know who the killer is but we need that final piece of evidence which will close this case and allow Rhonda and her family to finally see justice done in this case.

    Anyone with information can contact the:
    Georgia Bureau of Investigation at 912.389.4103
    Jeff Davis County Sheriff's Department at 912.375.6600

    Abduction and Murder of High School Senior Shocks Community

    Anniversary of County's Most Famous Murder Nears

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    A murderer among us?
    Rhonda Coleman family clings to hope, after 22 years,their daughter’s killer will one day be brought to justice
    The Blackshear Times
    By Robert M. Williams, Jr.
    Published:Wednesday, April 4, 2012 4:39 PM EDT
    Her car was found abandoned that night with the lights still on and the engine running. Her body was found three days later in neighboring Montgomery County...

    “We know who did it,” says one family member with certainty. “It’s just that they don’t yet have enough evidence.”

    “I don’t know how this person can live with this on his conscience,” says Gayle Coleman.

    Fearful of going too far, saying too much, Rhonda Coleman’s family members have resorted to writing messages to this man on the memorial website.
    Veteran GBI agent to probe retirement
    29 years leaves man wanting family time
    Published Monday, November 18, 2002
    By Teresa Stepzinski - Times-Union staff writer


    Rhonda Sue Coleman, 18, of Hazlehurst also was slain in 1990 as she drove home from working on graduation decorations with high school classmates. Four years ago, Christy Dawn Myers, 20, was stabbed to death near her Broxton home.

    "These cases weigh heavily on you as a person and as an investigator," Butler said. "There's nothing in the world I'd rather do than be able to help their families. They deserve to know what happened to their loved ones and to have whoever did this to them brought to justice."
    Teens Death Still Haunts Hazelhurst
    Savannah News Press
    November 1, 1990

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    It looks like the family is refreshing flyers and getting the news out there again. I saw the flyer on facebook and read that they (the family) have done interviews recently. I have family who live there so I'm going to try and see what I can find b/c I have no idea of the backstory other than her car was found running and she was found 3 days (?) later and everyone knows who did it......where can I find that theory? Who is this guy? What do they have on him so far? Are we allowed to talk about that??

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