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    MD - Phyllis Bohle, 23, Severn, 25 March 1974

    New Information Sought on Cold Case Murder in Severn

    In 1974, 23-year-old Phyllis Bohle was found dead in her Severn home. DNA testing and police detectives failed to identify a suspect, and the case went cold.


    Man hopes $10,000 reward will help solve daughter's killing
    Phyllis Bohle was bludgeoned with fireplace poker in her Severn home in 1974

    Traditional investigative methods and DNA tests have not led detectives to a suspect.


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    Just looking at some cold case murders of women in the Maryland area killed in their own homes and came across this one. Bumping for Phyliss.

    More here http://www.abc2news.com/generic/news..._Phyllis_Bohle

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    Surprising that there has not been any movement on this case, which lends me to think it was perpetrated by someone from out of the area, random act versus planned - assume that there was no motive (i.e. life insurance) for her husband to be involved, not a lot of detail on this case. It's a shame for the family to not have closure after all these years.

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    THE ELDERLY father of Phyllis Bohle is offering a $10,000 reward to help solve the case. Bohle, 23, was beaten and stabbed to death in her Severn, Maryland home on March 25, 1974. But the case quickly went cold, but now with new technology cops are hoping to finally bring peace to her family. Cops say several pieces of evidence discovered at the time are now undergoing DNA testing and the dead woman's friends and relatives are being re-interviewed.
    Her father Bud Gray, now 83, said: ďItís been bothering me quite a bit, and the older I get, the worse it gets. I donít even sleep at nighttime without thinking about it. It just gets to me.Ē Bohle was found in the middle of her bedroom, covered in blood from the violent incident and that the she was beaten with a fireplace poker and stabbed six times. MORE ON PHYLLIS BOHLE MURDER

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    Phyllis Bohle
    Found: 3/25/1974 She was the apple of her father’s eye.
    As the oldest of four children, 23-year-old Phyllis Bohle, was everything he could have wanted from his daughter. She was beautiful, outgoing, and kind.
    Phyllis and her husband were married in June of 1970. A few years later, they moved into his family home in a rural part of Severn on Locust Road off the WBNA.
    It would be in that very house, a few years later, when Phyllis would take her last breath.
    The day was March 25, 1974. It was Maryland Day and as an employee of the DMV in Glen Burnie, Phyllis had the day off. So, she and a friend decided to plan a shopping trip. It was that same friend who found her.
    Phyllis’ father, Omer Gray, was at work that morning when he got the call.
    “My sister-in-law called me and told me Phyllis was in an accident,” says Omer.
    The first thing he was did was call Phyllis’ house.
    “When I called the house and couldn't get no answer, I called police.”
    An officer at the station asked him who he was. He told him he was Phyllis’ father. There was a pause on the other line before the detective told him he needed to come to the station.
    When he got there the police told him what happened.
    Phyllis had been found on the floor of her home, stabbed. His baby girl was dead.
    Omer says he spent the rest of the morning at the station before asking if he could leave so he could pick up his son from school. He wanted to tell 16-year-old Erik what happened, before anyone else did.
    “It was hard,” he remembers, “because they were close too.”
    Thirty-seven years have passed since that day in 1974. Omer is 82 now and the case has been handed to cold case detective John Gajda.

    He has spent the past three years pouring over the case files, rereading all the reports, looking for something that might have been missed. The house was ransacked, he says, but nothing was taken. It appears there was some sort of struggle between Phyllis and her killer. There were no signs the murderer broke into the home. Did Phyllis recognize the person and let them in unknowingly? Or, was their relationship more intimate than that? Was the killer someone she knew, someone she loved, someone who wanted her gone?
    “It appears it was a crime of passion, or somebody who certainly had interest with her,” says Detective Gajda.
    His main goal now is to resubmit evidence to be analyzed for DNA. Back in the 1970’s, he says, you needed a puddle of blood to find out someone’s blood type. Now, all you need is a prick from a needle.
    “Technology now is a lot different from technology of 1974,” he says. “So, that’s one of the things we’ll see. What tests were done? What tests can we re-do that may be better?”
    Omer and is family are putting their hopes in Det. Gajda. They pray he’ll be able to turn up something so they can finally move on.

    “That's just been my whole life,” says Omer. “I can’t even sleep at nighttime without thinking about it, and as the years go on the worse it gets.”
    He just hopes those answers won’t come too late.
    “I'm 82-years-old and this has bugged me for thirty some years, and I would just like to see something happen before I'm gone."
    If you have any information about the murder of Phyllis Bohle, please call Det. Gajda at 410-222-3460. You can also email him at P00992@AACounty.org.
    To leave an anonymous tip, call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-LOCKUP. You can also text your tip to “CRIMES” or submit it online through metrocrimestopper.org.


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    43 years later, still no arrests after wife stabbed, killed inside Severn home
    She was the good girl with the great spirit.
    After 40 years, the calls stop. The tips lessen, and the clues disappear. It’s a real fear and a real concern for Anne Arundel County Police Sgt. R.J. Price, part of the homicide investigation unit.

    “The scene as described in the reports that I’ve read was rather brutal. It was a violent attack. Phyllis was attacked in more than one room in the house,” Price said.

    “My sister-in-law called me and told me Phyllis was in an accident,” Omer Gray, Phyllis’ father, said in an interview with ABC2 News in 2011. His dying wish was to find whoever killed his baby girl.
    Sadly, he died in 2015 with no answers.

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    Here is a possibly connected case.

    Sandra Knight Berkey

    Residency: Marley area of Anne Arundel County
    Date of death: Found dead July 2, 1974.
    Scene of the crime: Her apartment in the Marley area of Anne Arundel County

    Details surrounding the crime: The body of Sandra Knight Berkey was discovered by a co-worker after she went to the victim's apartment to check on Berkey after she had not shown up to work in the past two days. Berkey, employed with an insurance company in the area, was known to frequent a gym in the Glen Burnie area. She was found stabbed to death. A 1979 edition of the Capital notes similarities between the death of Berkey and Phyllis Veronica Bohle, including multiple stab wounds.

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