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    Quote Originally Posted by oceanblueeyes View Post
    Thank you.

    And just think about it. What person who really cares about others has 8 different children with 6 different women? I am including the one child he has back in Trinidad.

    I would bet he never sees most of these children. They are just out there fatherless. He is stuck with Nicole Alvarez at the moment since his home has been foreclosed on in LV. Once he gets money from the French documentary then I imagine he will mosey on to some other woman.

    It seems his beloved father also lived this way. His father had a different last name, and as far as I can tell, had limited contact with CM during his life. This whole story is a con, IMHO.

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    There was one patient who testified.. an older man with grey hair who I thought I heard say CM is his friend... then he added..."my best friend"... I just found this very odd . Just seems like that is way too much closeness between a dr. and a patient..

    Wonder if CM was truly his "friend".. much less his best friend? Wonder if MJ thought of him as his friend too? I just see CM as a user ... like Casey Anthony.. who doesn't really have actual friends...

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