Troy Garrett scribbled out a personal check for $91,595.25 to buy a Porsche 911 so he could drive to Florida in style. Problem was, Garrett had only $900 in his account and no driver's license, prosecutors say. But by the time Beechmont Motors discovered that, the 30-year-old Fort Thomas man had made it to the Sunshine State - where he signed a contract to buy a $2.5 million home and a $300,000 boat, said his mother, Susan Burch.

When Hamilton County officials caught up with him, they charged him with theft and writing a bad check in the car case. And while Garrett is said to suffer from a delusional disorder, Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Dennis Helmick on Thursday found him competent to go to trial.

Garrett's lawyer, Scott Greiner, said the dealership got the car back, without a scratch.

"Mr. Garrett entered the dealership, said he was a government worker and he didn't have identification because he didn't need it," Greiner said.

And they believed him?

"Evidently," Greiner said.

"I am surprised they pressed charges ... taking into account the embarrassment factor of it coming out that they took a check without first checking if it was good," he said.