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    WI - Donnasia Jackson, 2, beaten to death, Racine, 19 Oct 2011

    Surprise surprise ... another one..

    A vigil was held Thursday morning in honor of two-year-old Donnasia Jackson, who was allegedly killed by her mother's 21-year-old boyfriend.

    police say the child's mother brought the toddler to Children's Hospital, and gave medical staff a story that didn't match up with the injuries they found.

    Andre Knighton is charged with first degree reckless homicide and child abuse.


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    Poor baby. This is just so discouraging. What can we do?
    Just my opinions (and I have been wrong before)!


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    I emailed Oprah one time asking her to do a show on this subject. If she ever did, I never saw it. I would like to see the daytime talk shows focus on this and talk about relationships, trust, honesty, RESPECT, responsible parenting, etc. There should be life skills, coping skills, relationship skills type classes taught in high school. So many young adults today grew up in less than ideal circumstances and don't know how to have a relationship. It seems to me that self esteem must play a large part in this because why are so many women with men that don't work, don't treat them well?

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    Visibly conflicted between compassion for White, and meting out punishment for her daughter’s death, Racine County Circuit Judge Tim Boyle sentenced her to two years in prison plus four years on extended supervision...

    White pleaded no contest in October to child neglect resulting in death, which is a felony...

    Knighton pleaded no contest to first-degree reckless homicide. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison plus 20 years on extended supervision.

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    WI-Mother's boyfriend kills her 2 yr old daughter

    This beautiful child suffered a horrific death because her mother entrusted her to a man who beat her so severely I am in tears after reading of her injuries. Then, she didn't take her to the ER for eight hours afterwards.

    Her no contest plea resulted in a slap on the wrist The boyfriend got a 30 year sentence, but he should have received life for what he did to this baby.

    These precious little children don't ask to be born. They deserve to be loved and protected. These cases leave me wishing the perps could experience what they inflict.

    Rest easy, Little One. No one will ever hurt you again.

    Image via

    30 years for ‘brutal’ death


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