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    Quote Originally Posted by kevmoley View Post
    I am happy to hear that the investigators are seriously looking into BPM into the disappearance of this young girl.

    Police: 3rd victim may be linked to canal murder suspect
    Megan Cassidy, The Republic | azcentral.com 7:21 a.m. MST November 17, 2015

    hoenix police are investigating links between the city's notorious canal murders and the disappearance of a third girl from her Sunnyslope neighborhood more than 23 years ago.

    In September, police submitted first-degree murder charges against alleged Bryan Patrick Miller, the suspect in the canal murders, in the presumed death of Brandy Myers, a 13-year-old girl whose missing-persons case has languished since 1992.

    Wow, looks like BPM officially meets the definition of a SK as of this latest development. Read the full article and apparently he had explained the details of the Brandy Myers murder to his wife. He was living less than a mile from where she disappeared, and disposed of her dismembered remains in the trash for sanitation to pick up. Horrific, but the first thing it made me think of was the Diana Vicari case from 1992, due to it occurring the same year in the same general area, and involving disposal of dismembered remains in the garbage. MAJOR red flag there when compared to what apparently happened to Brandy Myers. Also, i'm curious about Miller being mentioned as an "interesting lead" in relations to the Shannon Aumock case, who disappeared from Phoenix in 1991 and who's remains were found out in the desert while the Brandy Myers search was ongoing. I strongly suspect that the two "Canal Murders" are just the tip of the iceburg.
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    I should clarify that the Diana Vicari case occurred in Tucson. In any case, we're still talking about the same state and time frame.

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    11/30/2015 6:24 pm PST
    A big development in a Crime Watch Daily exclusive investigation into the suspected serial killer known as the "Zombie Hunter."

    Bryan Patrick Miller is accused of killing two Phoenix women more than two decades ago.

    In a Crime Watch Daily interview, Miller's ex-wife said she believed there may be more victims that we hadn't heard about. Now police are releasing new details that all but confirm those suspicions.

    A 13-year-old girl raising money for her school knocks on the wrong door, and Brandy Myers is never seen again


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    Although most of his minutebpm 1.jpgbpm 2.jpgbpm 3.jpg entries are sealed, I decided to check out his case while I was in the records room at the courthouse. I took pictures of some of them with my cell phone, as printing them all would have ended up expensive. The are his "defenses" and/or mitigating circumstances. Why we should have mercy on him according to he and his lawyer. I hope they are readable, I will give it a try. I have to zoom on my computer to read them so here goes...

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    Since they look small I will type out the info also. It will take me a few minutes.

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    • Victim of physical abuse trauma from parent
    • Victim of emotional abuse trauma from parent
    • Victim of psychological abuse trauma from parent
    • Bryan was burned with cigarettes in adolescent years
    • Bryan's mother inflicted physical harm on Bryan
    • Bryan's mother used extreme fear tactics during parenting
    • Traumatic death of father
    • Loss of parental figure
    • Attachment disorder and related issues
    • Abandonment and ensuing consequences on Bryan's mental health
    • Depression
    • Family history of alcohol abuse
    • No substance use/abuse despite trauma in upbringing
    • Extreme anxiety
    • Victim of traumatic divorce
    • Victim of domestic violence
    • Sexual abuse victim
    • Traumatic death of family pet
    • Lack of structure during childhood development
    • Lack of stability during childhood development
    • Lack of parental supervision at an early age
    • No evidence of criminal history since 1992
    • Mental health issues
    • Emotional instability
    • Emotional dysregulation
    • Chronic maltreatment
    • Severe neglect
    • Mother received no pre-natal care
    • Lack of appropriate medical treatment
    • Lack of appropriate psychological treatment
    • Inadequate psychological services
    • Inadequate medical services
    • Trauma resulting from medical treatment
    • Institutional failure
    • Lack of early intervention
    • Poor coping mechanisms
    • Early exposure to violent literature
    • Early exposure to violent movies/shows
    • Early exposure to graphic material
    • Early exposure to pornography
    • Alcoholism in family
    • Death of father at an early age
    • Isolation during childhood
    • Extreme isolation
    • Lack of positive peer relationships
    • Incidents where mother taunted Bryan maliciously
    • Incidents where mother smashed Bryan's head into the pavement
    • Incidents where mother threatened to cut off Bryan's penis
    • Racially discriminatory environment
    • Psychological effects associated with home confinement
    • Deprivation of freedom at an early age
    • Impaired relationships due to mother
    • Bryan was an only child
    • Mental health issues associated with hoarding
    • Victim of mothers anger issues
    • Bryan suffered from disassociative incidents
    • General head trauma
    • Brain injury
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Suicidal ideation
    • Inability to develop mature social bonds
    • Positive work history
    • Bryan's positive parenting skills
    • Bryan's artistic talents
    • Bryan obtained his GED
    • Participation in counseling
    • Positive involvement in sub culture
    • Positive relationships with friends as an adult
    • Positive relationships with women
    • Lack of social bonding to positive male role models
    • Lack of social bonding to positive female role models
    • Victim of being bullied
    • Family dysfunction
    • Positive life progress from date of offense to present
    • Impact of mothers death
    • Impact of maternal grandmothers death
    • Impact of mothers unhealthy relationships on Bryan
    • Bryan is naturally non-confrontational
    • Infidelity against him
      The defense investigation is till ongoing and incomplete. Experts are currently conduction evaluations and reviewing case material. The defense reserves the right to add to this list.

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    Kind of a neat story about how they tracked him through DNA, by using it to figure out his surname.



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    Any updates on this guy? Were they ever able to link him to Brandy's case?

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    Here's another piece on Miller, which better explains the DNA link to surname.

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    Replying to MissMidge - At one time he was an active cyclist; and in recent years, though it didn't reflect much in his physical appearance, he somewhat rekindled his passion for cycling. The bikes in the shed were not actually that old, and I believe he still had the receipts for them.
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