Wilfong said that the officer was doing a random check of license plates at a motel when she found one on a GMC Yukon that did not match the vehicle. While the officer was in the office inquiring about who owned the vehicle, a man got into the Yukon and drove away. The officer followed him in order to perform a traffic stop, but the driver tried to get away and continued onto I-85.

The officer stopped the pursuit, according to policy, but provided a description of the vehicle to other officers. Wilfong said the officers located the vehicle at the Berkley Point apartment complex on Wenwood Road.

When another officer went to the apartment complex to find the driver at about 10 a.m., she stepped into a breezeway where someone popped up and immediately began firing on her, Wilfong said. The officer returned fire and multiple shots were fired in what the chief called a “gun battle.”

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