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    Omar Sharif slaps/swats lady...

    This has been making its round: Omar Sharif swatted/slapped at a fan that he got upset with, but regardless of him supposedly apologizing and then taking a pic with her (there are translation issues, though... some say that Omar did NOT apologize to her) an Arab American organization is calling for him to formally apologize for striking a woman. Thoughts?


    IMO: 1. I am of the thought that men do not strike women. 2. he was far too quick in his reaction of hitting her in/or near the face area, like it was a normal thing to do. Had the lady been touching him and was being overly aggressive, I could understand him getting on to her or his body guards stepping in, but trying to hit her in the upper body level to get his point across: yeah, so not right. He went on to take a picture with her, all smiles. 3. I will never look at Omar in the same light, again... you just don't hit people to get your point across (men included... if it was a man he had hit, it would bother me as well.) Violence is violence and should not be condoned.

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    My first thought is how old is he now?

    (we had someone in my family that got agressive when they got older and then it turned out they had dementia but we didn't know it at the time they had started getting aggressive KWIM?)

    Then again I also thought perhaps he thinks this way of women to begin with?

    Dunno elph. But you're right, violence is violence.

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