Pizza delivery man struck with pumpkin on the job

This Halloween, a local pizza deliveryman learned an important lesson -- watch out for flying pumpkins.

Fifteen to 20 unknown subjects hit a Papa Romeo's deliveryman with a pumpkin Sunday night while he was bringing a pizza to an Evanston home, said Cmdr. Joe Bellino of Evanston Police Department.

The subjects then stole the man's car and crashed it into a fence, Bellino said.

Papa Romeo's driver Dharmender Kumar said he was delivering to a house on the 1600 block of Davis Street at about 8 p.m. when four or five boys came out of nowhere, throwing pumpkins at him.

"One pumpkin hit me, and I ducked down," said Kumar, 26, pointing to his chest. "It was a big pumpkin, and it hit me very hard."

Kumar -- who sought safety in the house -- said he had left his keys in the car.

"Suddenly, 20 to 25 boys come near my car," he said. "Two or three go inside, and they're searching. One guy takes the key and starts the car, and they left."

Officers found the car crashed into a fence at Hines Edward Lumber Company, 1613 Church St., Bellino said. Hines Edwards employees knew nothing of the prank.

"If it did (happen), nobody mentioned it," employee Jim Perrin said Monday. "They could have hit (the fence), but yeah, we've been able to open it. No problems."