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    San Diego Homecoming Couple - voted King/Queen by student body; bullied by adults?


    Critics of lesbian homecoming couple are bullies, official says

    boo hiss.
    when the big bad bigoted bullies are the parents - does school bullying & intolerance begin at home?

    you betcha!

    I know where you post.

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    Another quote from the article I found interesting:

    The calls and emails, Kowba said, "are also disrupting the work of the school to focus on the education of students ... if these calls and emails were from students, they would face disciplinary measures."
    It's one thing to have an a contrary opinion - it's another entirely to make abusive phone calls. Although I was at first skeptical of calling these adults "bullies," harassing phone calls are bullying. There are better ways to express disagreement.
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    Just more proof that time is not on the side of those who oppose gay rights. Today's homecoming voter is tomorrow's general election voter.

    And it appears our kids can't be bothered to perpetuate our phobias.

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    What beautiful girls.

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    Good for the school, good for the students that voted the way they wanted to, regardless of what I'm sure was pressure at home to be "traditional", and good for the girls.

    Shame on the parents. At least they raised children that are strong enough not to follow in their parents bigoted footsteps.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    ugh, I was reading the comments, and can see that most of the people leaving them are probably the ones calling the school. what ugly ugly people. Can't these beautiful girls who were voted on by their peers to win this title just enjoy it? my heart is breaking at the filth spewed from these "adults".
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    It's such a relief to see that the younger generations really seem to be getting it. And as intolerance and bigotry begins at home, it's heartening to see that we have newer generations that are resisting harmful, hateful messages. This school body should be proud of themselves. Hopefully, some day stories like these will be so commonplace they won't hit the national news.

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