As David Treichel sees it, he is the victim of a $10.5 million distraction.

Treichel, 49, says he went into the Oregon State Lottery headquarters in Salem in August 1999 to cash in his winning lottery ticket.

He brought his family along for the big moment -- his ex-wife, Sandra, 46, with whom he had reunited, and their children.

And then the distraction hit, according to a lawsuit recently filed by Treichel.

"Because (David Treichel) had become distracted with parenting duties to one of his children, (Sandra Treichel) took the ticket and registered herself as the sole winner of the ticket," the suit claims.

Sandra Treichel, according to the suit, "has made distributions to plaintiff in various amounts over the years but refuses to provide an accounting to plaintiff and now refuses to provide him with distributions," the suit says.

Sandra Treichel, who lives in Gresham, agrees that her ex-husband bought the ticket.

"He purchased the ticket. I paid for it. It was my ticket. It's never belonged to him," Treichel said Wednesday.

Lottery officials said Sandra Treichel's name is on the winning lottery ticket. Records also show that she decided to take the cash option of $5.25 million.

David Treichel could not be reached for comment. His attorney, Richard A. Weill, was on vacation, according to a recorded message at his office.

In the lawsuit, David Treichel said he has suffered from chronic alcoholism and liver disease since 1999 and that his ex-wife has intimidated him and tried to take advantage of his fragile emotional and physical condition.

David Treichel's lawsuit seeks a full accounting of the money as well as control over what is left of it.