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    Sale of memorabilia from murder cases is growing business

    I personally think this is just wrong. The victims of crime and their families don't need to constantly confront the sensationalism of these crimes used to sell the items.

    "From a serial killer's artwork to jailhouse letters from Elisa Baker, the sale of memorabilia from high-profile murder cases is a growing business."

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    I think it is wrong too, Reality Orlando. There is also something wrong with anyone would would want such disgusting memorabilia.

    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    I've heard of this stuff before and I think it's weird. Who is buying this stuff??

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    It is distasteful, glorifies crime and I would feel cursed to have such a thing in my home
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    One has to wonder about someone keen to acquire a signature or piece of artwork by someone who's claim to fame is victimizing and murdering another human being.
    There is quite a little market for this stuff though.
    Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. who is serving six life sentences for his very active participation in some of the most savage rape and torture murders in U.S. History of at least thirty teenagers in the early seventies has recast himself in middle age as a sensitive artiste manique his amaturish seascapes sell very well to these 'collectors' he was even able have an art gallery show featuring his work in the Montrose district of Houston a few years ago while he was behind bars.
    Almost every piece sold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badhorsie View Post
    It is distasteful, glorifies crime and I would feel cursed to have such a thing in my home
    I remember the hoop-la about Gacy's clown paintings becoming "collectable" & some wealthy guy bought all he could find & burned them. Yea him!

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    Absolutely disgusting- no, SINFUL!!!!! WHY doesn't the law prohibit this??
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