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    Face found in Tumor!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Canadian researchers examining ultrasound pictures of a tumor in a patient's testicle were amazed to see what looked like a ghostly face staring back at them. "It was almost like art coming out of this patient’s testicles,” one doctor tells the National Post. “It was an amusing finding"—which was published in the journal Urology under the title "The Face of Testicular Pain."

    more at link above including ultrasound photo

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    Oh holy heck!!!! It DOES look like a face LOL!!

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    This explains why our children look like us.

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    I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like that before. lol

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    I know there is a joke in there somewhere but I can't think of one.
    It's almost been a year since we did our last show.Jay Bush my partner has been auditioning for the show Shark Tank and so this has put the show on hold. If he gets on Shark Tank, we will be terribly delayed. Good luck Jay. Either way we will one day continue the show and have the coolest global independent radio station out there. This is just a small video we did with one of our artists.Waiting for One and their tune 35 years. Check it out.
    We hope to be doing a radio show with all our artists real soon. Hope you can join in the fun. Please bare with us while we improve the show especially the sound.
    Laserdog Enterprises would like to bring you our version of a Tribute to the Angels of Newtown. Another school shooting in Georgia thankfully no children were hurt.

    Please take a few moments and visit the missing children site. We really need you.
    Click on the link to find a missing child,teen or adult.


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    I don't know whether to laugh or run away screaming.

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