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    Quote Originally Posted by MGF View Post
    I'm probably way off base here, but the West Memphis Three (Arkansas) were found behind the Blue Beacon truck wash on I-40. I'm sure the police investigated, but darned if this isn't weird.
    It puzzles me as to how someone could have made a body dump there. You have tons of truck traffic 24-7 there. That was a brazen move.

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    Josh & Rachel interviewed Serial killer John Robert Williams ( long haul trucker ),
    who admitted to killing 30+ working girls during his time before getting caught. He also said that there was a Group known as the Ndendai made up of 5 men and 2 women. They travel East, West, North and South along the major Highways
    and pick up their victims at the Truck stops or when their hitchhiking the highway.
    These are the easiest places to pick them up. When they do pick one up and are ready to pass them off to another member of their group they place a call out to another and tell them that they have a Package ready for delivery and do they want the delivery, the recipient will ask how much for the package & delivery. These people are well organized. They cover the entire US. It's not just this group,but many more like them.
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    It was chilling hearing his description. *shiver*
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    I would love to hear the conversations with John Robert Williams in its entirety. I wonder how much is real and how much he made up for shock value and attention.

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