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    I don't know the rules and laws that govern doctors, so I have no idea if his license will be reinstated.

    That said, why would anyone go to a doctor that killed a patient due to lack of knowledge of the drug he was administering; using inadequate equipment; not keeping a check on the patient and vitals; improper use of a drug, and so on.... I would not go to that doc. Who knows what he would prescribe and based on what kind of diagnosis!!!

    Unless I have included a link, it is my opinion and only my opinion that I am expressing.

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    I have no idea of the laws regarding this either, 21merc7 (bbm), but the death of MJ was directly related to his practice of medicine. His actions, or lack of actions, IMO, directly led to his patient's death, as we all know. He was arrested & charged with causing the death of his patient, and a jury of his peers (even tho he may not have considered them his peers) found that he was guilty -- a felony. He served time for this felony.

    I would think that some type of medically-related board, possibly including attorneys or whatever else, would have to do with reinstating someone's medical license. I can't see it happening. But what do I know?? JMO.

    There was a recent case here in Wake County, NC, where a facial plastic surgeon, who practiced at WakeMed, who blew a BAC of .19, was seen to be speeding in his E55 AMG Mercedes which had a "black box" that stored that his speed was 88mph (in a 45mph zone) at the time of impact. The doc slammed into the back of a young woman's car and she arrested twice before she died just as she was taken into the emergency room. She was a member of Carolina Ballet just beginning to practice Swan Lake, she was 20 years old, and totally sober when she was hit by his 4,000 lb. Mercedes. The doc had a scratch on his wrist and a red bump on his forehead. He as found guilty of Felony Death by Vehicle and will prolly be released from prison in Feb, 2014, at the end of his minimum sentence of 3 years.

    Short story long, please pardon. A good friend of mine is a paralegal who works at the same WakeMed here in Raleigh. This p-legal has nothing to do with medical licensing. Anyway, my p-legal friend and another friend who is at Duke U. Hospital both feel that this man will never have a license to practice medicine again. Neither of them has anything to do with the case I just cited or with medical licensing. And NC isn't California.

    Just sayin' my humble opinion. Who knoze??

    All posts, unless attributed, are "just my humble opinion," and they are to remain here in Websleuths and are not to be used elsewhere. Thank you.

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