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    MO - Carol Brown, 74, dies of extreme neglect, Independence, 27 Oct 2011


    "The victim's legs were fused to the chair and her legs had to be physically separated from the foot rest portion of the chair leaving behind yellowish skin tissue," according to an affidavit from Independence police detectives. "When she was removed from the chair, there were flying insects around her body."

    Her son who also lived in the home has not been charged. Independence police said they are waiting on final autopsy results before sending the case to the Jackson County Prosecutor.

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    From the kctv5 link:

    "The victim was described as a rotting corpse that was still breathing," according to court documents.

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    Serious Elder Abuse. I hope he is charged with something and not be allowed to profit from her death. The house should be condemned, there must be an awful smell.

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    As I read the story I had a horrible vision of the sloth scene in the movie Seven. That poor woman to have suffered so horribly. We only have one mother in life. She may have wanted to die at home but that didn't mean she deserved no care and compassion. I hope they throw the book at her son. How could he do that to her?

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    Unbelievable. I'm wondering how long she was really left in that chair. How long would if take for her to fuse to the cushion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cracka*Jaxx View Post
    Unbelievable. I'm wondering how long she was really left in that chair. How long would if take for her to fuse to the cushion?
    First my heart is totally broken for this poor woman who suffered in this manner..there is NO excuse or reason for this..I do hope her son pays for the abuse of his mother. As someone pointed out, she could have died in her home in a clean bed as she wished....
    now I have to say....being a nurse for over 30plus years....no matter how much she had (I'll just use the word ) excreted all over herself there is NO way she would have 'adhered' to that chair that badly in that short amount of time (although 2/3 weeks of sitting in that mess is not short by any means I am just going by the date son said she had been sitting there since Oct. 23rd)
    No way am I buying that story....God bless this woman who sat and died in this chair way longer than is being reported by her son.
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    We are to honor our parents. When I was a tiny baby it was my mother who cared for me when I could not care for myself. It is my duty to care for her when and if she cannot care for herself. I would care for my mother because I love her and would see that she had the best care from myself and from medical resources. How can you just stand by and watch your mother suffer as this poor woman did???? My mother is now 88 years old and I am blessed to still have her.

    I am just so furious about this!!! I would like to see this man charged with the most he can be charged with and even then it would not be enough. It is so disgusting that any human being can just let this woman suffer as she did, much less her own son.

    I could just say so much more, but I would be banned.
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    Amid investigation of elder abuse, son accused of endorsing dead mother’s Social Security check (kansascity.com)
    Jackson County prosecutors today charged an Independence man with forgery, alleging that he endorsed the Social Security check of his deceased mother.

    Court records allege that James Owens cashed a $741 government check issued to his mother, three days after she died on Nov. 1.
    more at link above

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    From September 2012:


    James Owens, 53, of Independence, was sentenced to a year in jail Wednesday after pleading guilty in Jackson County Circuit Court.

    Owens, who was caring for his mother, also admitted to forging his mother’s signature on her Social Security check and cashing it four days after her death.

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