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    TX - Charles Albright, the Texas Eyeball Killer


    The more the investigators learned about Albright, the less certain they were that they had the right guy. He did not fit the profile of a serial killer, and he had an alibi. He had a master's degree, knew several languages, was a former science teacher, was charming, was in a seemingly satisfying relationship, and seemed completely at ease with having his home searched and his gun tested. He did not abuse substances. Associates who were questioned about him remained loyal, certain the police had the wrong man. Albright had coached football, helped with Cub Scouts, and was kind to children. He was both articulate and artistic, a cultivated man accomplished in many things from piano to bullfighting, who seemed anything but a murderer. He was generous, friendly, and helpful to people in need. He was also apparently too old. At 57, he defied the stereotype of the angry young lust killer who was generally in his twenties or thirties.


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    This is what totally mortifies me, that they can be living a good life and yet be a serial killer! Dr. Jeckel, Mr. Hyde over and over again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimster View Post
    This is what totally mortifies me, that they can be living a good life and yet be a serial killer! Dr. Jeckel, Mr. Hyde over and over again.
    Guys like this are the scariest to me too! They have a finely-crafted ‘mask of sanity’ which allows them to merge effortlessly into the world, functioning around us often in above-average capacity with obvious intelligence, charm, and skill. They can fool people and mask their sadistic, sociopathic traits with a smile and a handshake. Unknown to even those they love, those same hands strangle, beat, and torture in the cloak of night. Scariest are the ones with bizarre and horrendous desires: cutting out the eyes with slow, surgical precision? I cannot even imagine killing or torturing someone, let alone mutilating the corpse afterward with an obsessive and slow intent. So scary. Guys like this are true monsters.

    The only good thing, if you can call it that, is that so many of these sociopaths are also narcissists who can't help but taunt police, leave clues, etc., which inevitably lead to their demise. Their need to be "known" and acknowledged for their "work" can make them sloppy, give away evidence to their identity, and allow them to be captured.
    “the highest forms of understanding we can achieve are laughter and human compassion.”
    — richard feynman

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