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    MI - Shelly Hilliard, 19, transgender, found dismembered, Detroit, 23 Oct 2011

    Investigators have identified a burnt torso found near I-94 on Detroitís east side as a missing transgender teen.

    Henry Hilliard Jr., 19, also known as Shelley or Treasure, was last seen at 1:20 a.m. on Oct. 23 in the 900 block of Longfellow, wearing a silver dress. The 19-year-old had several piercings and tattoos, including one of cherries on the upper right arm.

    It sounds like a terribly violent end to a young life.
    Any man's death diminishes me,
    Because I am involved in mankind,
    Therefore, send not to know, for whom the bell tolls;
    It tolls for thee.
    ~John Dunne


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    "I don't know anybody that would want to do this to her, to do anything to her," said Lyniece Nelson, the victim's mother.

    The last anyone had heard from Hillard was the night of October 23rd. Nelson says her daughter had a date and a cab driver dropped her off at a home in the 900 block of Longfellow.

    Hilliard asked the cab driver to stay on the phone until she knew it was safe.

    "She didn't feel comfortable, to stay on phone with her. He heard her saying a few phrases and heard her saying 'no,' her phone dropped and it was muffled, scuffling noises and then it went dead," Nelson explained.
    more here: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news...en-20111110-ms

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    What a jerk (can't use the adjective I'd LIKE to use!!) of a cab driver- to hear her say "NO!" and then to hear a struggle... the driver could've alerted the police, called 911... this is so terribly sad.
    George Eliot: "We constantly ask for God's mercy while showing none ourselves..."

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    No. So young and so much life to be lived. 19 years old.

    RIP pretty girl. I pray they find the slime that hurt you.


    Lovely photograph of Shelley a friend posted.

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    The body of a missing Detroit teenager laid in the morgue for weeks.


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    How completely sad that she lay in the morgue that long my heart is absolutely breaking for her mom and all that knew and loved her
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


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    I am sorry I truly don't understand these crimes. Another young life snuffed out way to soon. What is wrong with society today. R.I.P. May those that did this to you be found!!

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    Feature article from September 2012:


    One night in the fall of 2011, Shelly Hilliard, an African-American teen-ager in Detroit—her family called her Treasure—went to her mother’s house for a plate of macaroni-and-cheese. Hilliard, who was transgender (born male, with the legal name Henry Hilliard, Jr.), left the house and didn’t come back that night or the next. Before long, one of her older sisters, Mechelle, noticed a disturbing trend on Facebook. “Everybody started posting, ‘Rest in Peace, Shelly,’ and ‘She’s with God now,’ and this and that,’ ” Mechelle recalled on a recent afternoon, as she sat with her mother, Lyniece Nelson, at a bright-red kitchen counter. “And we were like, ‘Hold on, we didn’t even get a call’ ”...

    At first, because the victim was transgender, local officials believed that the murder was a hate crime. But several weeks later it became clear that Shelly’s death was connected to work she had done as a police informant. Just days before she was killed, cops had spotted Shelly and a friend smoking a blunt on the balcony of a Motel 6 in a Detroit suburb. When they raided the room, they found a sandwich bag with half an ounce of marijuana in the toilet tank. One of the officers threatened Shelly with prison—a particularly terrifying prospect for a transgender woman, who would be sent to a male facility—and then offered her a way out: she could set up her dealer, Qasim Raqib, and walk free that same day. She agreed.

    Raqib was arrested after Shelly arranged the sting. Several hours later, he was released. He then tracked her down and, with the help of James Matthews, strangled, mutilated, burned, and dismembered her.
    Raqib pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to 25 to 40 years:


    Matthews also pleaded guilty and was given 30 to 50 years in prison:


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