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    Thumbs up 4 Legit Sites that I am making money with

    Hi everyone, I would like to share 4 sites that I have been using to earn a little bit of extra money here and there. I will put my referral link for each and hopefully some of you will join and love them like I do.

    The 1st is Swagbucks, where you earn bucks for easy things like searching the web, doing surveys, tasks, watching videos, and completing special offers. I started a few months ago and have made more then $100 in Amazon Gift Cards and Alice gift cards. There are many to choose from including Paypal cash. My referral link is: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/swaggcracc

    The 2nd is Superpoints which is by invite only. They also have different gift cards to choose from and they pay out quickly. If any one would like one please feel free to PM me.

    The 3rd is Jingit. You watch videos and they pay you for each one and then you can put your money on a Jingit Prepaid Visa Card.
    My referral link is: https://www.jingit.com/?ref_id=12342...e_type=DYNAMIC

    The 4th is Opinion Place, I choose Amazon Gift Cards as my reward for doing surveys. You can do 1 survey every few days. I don't have a referral link but they are a great site!

    These 4 sites are really helping me out for the holidays when it's really needed. Hopefully they can help some of you as well. <3

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    I clicked your link and signed up!

    It says you get 1000 swag bucks for that !

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    I love Swagbucks and use it as my search engine. I've earned a couple of movie cards so far - and who doesn't love a free movie!!


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    Swagbucks is awesome. I love using the search engine and getting points.

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    Thanks for the ideas! Do you know if there are any restrictions as to non-profit orgs setting up accts? If I have 4 guys on puters surfing the web all day, they can be making us money...
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    Chrissy, I'm going to use your referral link for Swagbucks, too, I hope it gives you a bunch of points! I have been doing surveys for years at Harris Poll, MySurvey.com and the Marie Brighton one. Some of them accumulate quickly, others take years, but I'll give swagbucks a try, thanks!

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    Chrissy, I followed your link and also joined Swagbucks.

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