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    Insurers advise clients to eat chocolate

    A German insurance firm has written to clients urging them to eat more chocolate if they want to cut the risk of heart attacks.

    Many scientists now accept the antioxidants found in cocoa have been shown to decrease the risk of coronary artery disease.

    But this is the first time an insurance firm has taken the initiative to write to tell clients about the findings.

    The German DAK health insurance company says plain chocolate, in moderation, is good for the heart, and quotes research conducted in Greece to back up their claims.

    Cocoa and chocolate products are rich in flavanols - a class of natural compounds found in a variety of foods including tea and red wine.


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    YES!!!!!!! I knew there was a reason I needed to eat chocolate. Do you suppose my chocoholic status is why I have low blood pressure and low cholesterol?

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