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    So what's the current status...

    I recall hearing the new DA etc was taking a fresh look at things relating to the case.

    Can someone enlighten me/us as to what the current state of play is for this?

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    That was lip service, IMO. There may have been a "fresh look", but there was never going to be anything else. The "fresh look" went stale pretty quickly. LW looms large still, on this case. The new DA isn't much different from the old DAs. He may have said the Rs were not cleared as far as he was concerned, but that was all there was to it. Nothing to update, really. Same old.
    The police requested an interview with BR, which he refused through LW the "family lawyer". He can't be compelled to talk, so pretty much puts paid to it.
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    The last "development" in the case was in October 2010 when LE wanted to talk to Burke. He refused, and that was that. One of the Denver news stations interviewed Stan Garnett back in August for JonBenet's birthday, and he said that they still receive tips every week, and they are working on the case. But when the media calls you up and wants to hear about the progress on the state's most famous murder, what else are you going to say?

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