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    CA - Pamela Fayed, 44, dies in contract killing, Century City, 28 July 2008

    Camarillo businessman James Fayed was sentenced to death Thursday for arranging his wife's murder in a Century City parking garage in 2008.

    A jury in May recommended the death penalty for the former gold trader after finding him guilty of murder and conspiracy following a monthlong trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Fayed's wife, Pamela, 44, was stabbed 13 times in the Watts Tower parking garage as she was going to her car after a meeting between the couple and their attorneys.

    The Fayeds were in the middle of a divorce and a federal probe of their gold-trading business.

    Fayed hired an employee to plan the assault, according to prosecutors. The employee and two men prosecutors allege carried out a fatal ambush are awaiting trial on murder and conspiracy charges.

    Fayed hired employee Jose Luis Moya, 51, for about $25,000 to orchestrate the assault, prosecutors said during the trial. Moya hired Gabriel Marquez, 46, who commissioned Steven Vicente Simmons, 23, to fatally stab Pamela Fayed.

    Within days of Pamela Fayed's killing, Fayed, 48, was arrested by FBI agents on a charge of running a money transmitting business without the proper license.

    The case was dropped after Fayed was charged in his estranged wife's homicide. ............Pamela stood to gain $1 million in the divorce.

    Real smart fella...now instead of losing 1M, he is losing everything and has a death sentence to boot, plus trials/sentences for the 3 other losers he involved!

    Read more: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2011/nov/...#ixzz1eCg8cmAX
    - vcstar.com

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    I followed this case at the very beginning, when the wife was murdered. It was obvious that she was set up by the husband. IIRCC, he even used his credit card to rent the car that the perp used in the assault.

    He deserves everything they're giving him!


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    From June 2015:


    Two men convicted in a deadly stabbing attack on a woman in a Century City parking garage are expected to be sentenced today to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    Gabriel Jay Marquez, 50, and Jose Luis Moya, 54, were convicted Feb. 20 of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in a crime masterminded by Pamela Fayed’s estranged husband. A third man, 26-year-old Steven Vicente Simmons, was convicted along with Marquez and Moya, and sentenced in April to life in prison without parole.

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