A mother who collapsed and stopped breathing minutes after applying a home hair dye kit was in a coma last night and has been given only an 8 per cent chance of survival.
Julie McCabe, 38, may have suffered a severe allergic reaction to a chemical in the L’Oreal Preference product.
She remained on a life support machine last night, three weeks after she used the dye, as her family continued a bedside vigil.
Doctors have warned her devastated husband Russell that even if she survives she will almost certainly be permanently brain-damaged.
No definitive link has yet been made with the L’Oreal product but doctors caring for Mrs McCabe, an estate agent, have asked for the kit and gloves she used so they can carry out tests.
L’Oreal has offered to assist the medical staff with any information that may help save Mrs McCabe’s life.
It is feared the chemical para-phenylenediamine (PPD) – present in 99 per cent of all hair dyes – may be linked to her condition.
Her family, who say she dyed her hair every six weeks and had never experienced any reaction previously, is now considering legal action.
They have contacted a solicitor representing others who have suffered reactions to PPD.

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Unfortunately the husband is trying to say that she did the "skin test" before using the product but I think that's total BS. First of all she would have had some sort of a reaction and second no one unless they are sensitive does that skin test. GMAB This is a terrible story but he's lying about that.