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    OR - Leslie, 7, & Geoffrey Brown, 5, Estacada, 22 Feb 1975

    Case #: 1975-05637
    Victims: Geoffrey Lyman Brown and Leslie Michelle Brown
    Suspect: Lynne Brown (a.k.a. Lynne Fortner, Mitzi Brown, Mitzi Fortner). Ms. Brown has an active arrest warrant for the murder of Geoffrey and Leslie. She has been missing since 1975.
    Location of Murders: McIver Park, Estacada, Oregon
    Date of Murders: Feb. 22, 1975

    Details: Five-year-old Geoffrey Brown and 7-year-old Leslie Brown were found murdered on March 12, 1975 at 4:45 p.m. Each had been shot twice in the head while lying on a coat in a small clearing in McIver Park, near the City of Estacada.

    Geoffrey and Leslie were last seen leaving with their mother, Lynne Brown, for a one-day visit from Lynne’s ex-husband’s house on Feb. 22, 1975 -- and Lynne Brown has not been seen or heard from since.

    Suspect description: Lynne Brown is described as a white female, 5'2" tall and 110 lbs., with brown hair and green eyes. A forensic artist has prepared an aged drawing as Ms. Brown might appear now. A warrant was issued in October 2006 as a result of this Cold Case investigation.

    To Report Info: To Report Info: Call the CCSO Tip Line at 503-723-4949 (or use the online tip form).


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    Somewhere out there ....

    In March 1975, a Salem mother disappeared with her 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. Three weeks later, police found the children's bodies in Milo McIver State Park near Estacada

    Lynne Brown, who went missing in 1975, is wanted in connection with the deaths of her two young children. This sketch by forensic artist Joyce Nagy updates Brown's features, depicting how she might look now, more than 30 years after she disappeared.

    Leslie Michelle Brown and her brother, Geoffrey Lyman Brown, had been left in a clearing the size of a pitcher's mound, lying face down on a jacket. Both children were dead of bullet wounds to the backs of their heads.

    There was no trace of their mother --Lynne Brown, then 26 --apart from her blue 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, which had been abandoned at the park with a box of gun shells and a receipt for a .38-caliber revolver locked inside.

    Lynne Brown had a history of mental problems and once threatened to kill her mother with a butcher knife, police said. On another occasion, she told a friend that if her ex-husband, Lyman Brown, won custody of their children, she might someday "shoot the kids and Lyman would never find her."

    The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office has issued a warrant for Lynne Brown's arrest, though detectives believe she may be dead. The case remains unsolved

    What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside of you....
    Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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    Wonder what the mug shot was from??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by marycarney View Post
    Wonder what the mug shot was from??????
    She had a history of mental problems, this is is bound to get someone in trouble with the law eventually.

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    I have a hunch Lynne is no longer alive. She might end up being an unidentified, so keep that in mind as well.

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    Are they looking for her anymore? She isn't on the sheriff's site most wanted anymore. Maybe they found her?

    All kinds of hugs!


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    I wonder why LE things she ran off for 35 years rather than walk away from the crime scene and kill herself at another location? Either one is possible, I guess I am just wondering if they have evidence that they aren't releasing.

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    I guess its hard to tell what a person that twisted might do. But don't you think it more likely if she was going to kill herself, she would have done it after she killed her kids-in the same spot? What else concerns me is that if she did NOT go on to commit suicide, that she went on to have more children. I find that a truly frightening thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarlK View Post
    She had a history of mental problems, this is is bound to get someone in trouble with the law eventually.

    This is a really good point. I would think that a person who kills their own children rarely just walks into a new life & becomes a law abiding citizen.

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    I don't think she had any intention to kill herself but she may have after the fact. If she's alive, she'd be in her 60's now and likely have gray hair ... just something to keep in mind.

    I'm curious as to why a warrant wasn't issued until 2006, 30 years after the murders?

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    Cold Case: Mom vanishes after ‘horrific’ murders; Leslie and Geoffrey Brown were found dead at McIver Park


    Lyman Brown is still searching for answers 41 years after his 2 children were murdered at a park near Estacada.

    Leslie was 7, her brother Geoffrey was just 5 when their father unknowingly said goodbye to them for the last time one morning in 1975.

    “They were happy kids, good natured,” Brown told KOIN 6 News. “It’s indescribable… you can’t… the sense of loss is just… it’s with you all the time.”
    Some believe Lynne walked into the Clackamas River and shot herself. Brown said it was “incomprehensible… that she could do this and not take her own life.”

    Is she still alive? It’s a question police and Brown hope will someday be answered.

    “The worst part is… when you wake up in the morning and you’ve forgotten overnight and then it comes to you,” he said. “We just have faith that it’s all going to work out.”

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    Do you think she could have been a victim herself?

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