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    VA - Lee Co., Wht/HispMale UP9805, 28-38, in woods off Route 612, Nov'11

    On Saturday, Nov. 26 a deer hunter discovered the skeletal remains of a human body in the Stickleyville section of Lee County.

    The body was found in the woods approximately 400 yards from the Heavenly Hill trailer park off of State Route 612. Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons said the hunter led officers to the remains which were wrapped in a blanket.According to Parsons, the identification of the individual is unknown. The body has been sent to the Medical Examiner's Office in Roanoke to determine gender and any other clues that might lead to the person's identity.

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    Results of autopsy performed on skeletal remains prompt murder investigation in Lee County
    By Wes Bunch
    Published December 5th, 2011 9:13 pm

    JONESVILLE — Authorities in Lee County are investigating the circumstances surrounding skeletal remains discovered last month as a homicide after autopsy results from the state forensic lab confirmed their prior suspicions.

    The unidentified body was discovered by a hunter Nov. 26 in a wooded area off State Route 612 in Stickleyville. The remains were found wrapped in a blanket approximately 400 yards behind the Heavenly Hills Trailer Park.

    Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons said the forensic examination carried out in Roanoke revealed the person’s gender and likely cause of death, but few other details.

    “They’ve determined that it is a male, and that it appears to be blunt force trauma to the head as the cause of death, as best they can determine with what they have,” Parsons said. “Right now that’s all we know.”

    Parsons said the forensic report reinforced law enforcement’s view that the unidentified person died as a result of foul play.

    Although authorities are still working to positively identify the victim, Parsons said investigators do have some leads.

    “There is some suspicion it might be a Hispanic migrant worker who lived in the trailer park for a while with some other migrant workers,” Parsons said.

    Parsons said that dynamic makes things more difficult for investigators trying to track down witnesses and possible suspects.

    “All we’ve done so far is interview acquaintances of this young man,” Parsons said. “We know that two of the people who lived in the trailer park have been deported, so we’re having some problems. Not having an ID is going to be a problem, and locating the acquaintances that lived with him in the trailer park is going to be a problem.”

    Investigators did remove several pieces of evidence from the trailer in order to have them analyzed for possible clues, Parsons said.

    Parsons said officers are also trying to locate the possible victim’s relatives, who are also believed to be migrant workers.

    “We’re in the process of trying to track down family members,” Parsons said. “Many of these folks aren’t documented, but we have some indication that the person who is the suspected victim may have a child. If we can find that child, we’re going to try and get a DNA sample.”

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    Status Unidentified
    Case number W2011-79846
    Date found November 26, 2011 11:40
    Date created January 19, 2012 12:07
    Date last modified January 20, 2012 05:54

    Local Medical Examiner/Coroner Contact
    Name Paul Benson
    Agency Western District ME Office
    Phone 540-561-6615
    Email paul.benson@vdh.virginia.gov

    Case Manager
    Name William Everett
    Email william.everett@vdh.virginia.gov

    Estimated age Adult - Pre 40
    Minimum age 28 years
    Maximum age 38 years
    Race White
    Ethnicity Hispanic/Latino
    Sex Male
    Weight (pounds) , Cannot Estimate
    Height (inches) 62, Estimated

    Notes on body parts recovered:
    Body conditions:
    Not recognizable - Near complete or complete skeleton

    Probable year of death 2011 to 2011
    Estimated postmortem interval: Months

    Location Found
    GPS coordinates
    Address 2 STATE ROUTE 612
    State Virginia
    Zip code
    County Lee
    Circumstances of death

    Hair color Black
    Body hair N/A
    Facial hair N/A
    Left eye color Unknown or Missing
    Right eye color Unknown or Missing
    Eye description

    Other medical information:

    Fingerprint information is currently not available (Explain in comments box below)


    Dental information / charting is available and will be entered later (Explain below)

    Samples submitted - Tests not complete
    Type mtDNA

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    Three exclusions.

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    Oscar Velasco Montano, went missing in July 2011 from Fairfax County, Virginia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylansMom34 View Post

    Oscar Velasco Montano, went missing in July 2011 from Fairfax County, Virginia.
    The only problem with this possible match is that OM's phone was turned on and off in MD which is literally on the other side of VA from where this body was found. FFX is up near DC and Lee Co is down at the TN/VA border. It's possible but...

    A year tomorrow. RIP.

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    Medical Examiner Trying to ID Four Bodies


    Posted: Jan 16, 2013 6:21 PM EST
    By David Tate

    Roanoke Co., VA. - Right now authorities are working at least 140 cases across Virginia where bodies found cannot be identified.

    Wednesday, authorities put faces on four of these cases and then took their work to the media for help.
    In the spotlight are four men: A Hispanic male found in Lee County in 2011, another Hispanic man found in southern Carroll County just last year, a third Hispanic male found in Blairs in 2005, and a fourth man believed to have been missing since the flood of 1985.

    All of the first three are suspected of being migrant workers, which has made identifying them nearly impossible.

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    It's not Oscar Velasco Montano -- his remains were ID'ed today.


    Remains are missing Va. man's

    Friday - 2/8/2013, 10:00am ET

    Oscar Velasco Montano, 29, of Springfield, was last seen July 9, 2011. (Frederick News-Post)

    Skeletal remains found last summer beside New Design Road are those of a Virginia man who disappeared 19 months ago under suspicious circumstances.

    Oscar Velasco Montano, 29, of Springfield, was last seen July 9, 2011, by a co- worker at his construction job at Tysons Corner Center, a shopping mall in McLean. His family reported him missing two days later.

    Fairfax County Police are investigating the case as a homicide, according to Capt. Tim Clarke, of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office.

    The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore has ruled Montano's death a homicide, spokesman Bruce Goldfarb said. Goldfarb said he could not reveal the cause of death.

    A tree-trimming crew found the bones Aug. 8 in the woods 10 to 15 yards in the 4100 block of New Design Road. The spot is across the road from a farmer's field and just a few hundred yards from a small row of houses.

    The remains were charred, and deputies found evidence of a fire nearby, according to the sheriff's office. Investigators believe animals scattered the bones around the immediate area.

    Fairfax County Police contacted the sheriff's office after information about the discovery was released to law enforcement agencies across the region, Clarke said.

    "They called us and said they were working on a missing persons case they believed was a homicide," Clarke said.

    Montano was identified through DNA testing, Clarke said.

    A wooden cross bearing Montano's name and several bouquets of flowers had been set near the spot where the bones were found. Sheriff's deputies removed the cross Thursday.

    Fairfax County Police planned to take action in the case Thursday evening and thought premature public identification would undermine their efforts, Clarke said.

    According to a Facebook page set up by Montano's family and friends called "Help Find Oscar L. Velasco Montano," Montano, a native of Bolivia, told his supervisor he was going out with friends after work on the day he disappeared.

    Montano's sister found his minivan at the mall July 10, 2011, but it was gone when she went back the next day, according to the page.

    The page made no specific mention of where Montano's remains were found; one post by a commenter indicated that his body was found in a field. A Dec. 27 post in Spanish stated that the family had been told of his death but made no mention of the circumstances.

    Officer Don Gotthardt, Fairfax County Police spokesman, said police would not comment on Montano's disappearance and death until the planned action in the case was completed.

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    So it is Oscar Montano, the person I suggested?

    I'm confused.... the article says it is Oscar... so that must mean it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DylansMom34 View Post
    So it is Oscar Montano, the person I suggested?

    I'm confused.... the article says it is Oscar... so that must mean it is.
    No and yes DylansMom34. Oscar was found/identified in Maryland, but he is not this particular UID. Different UID case. (not listed on WebSleuths) We can rule out Oscar Montano for this thread.

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    Ohhh I got confused, happens alot, especially when I haven't had my coffee. Thanks!

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    I was looking for a UID thread on OM but couldn't find one -- so I searched his name, saw it here and decided to update you guys on the current situation.

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    The following people have been ruled out as being this decedent:
    First Name Last Name Year of Birth State LKA
    OSCAR ABAD 1951 Florida
    FREDERICK ALBERT 1960 California
    Paul Allard 1962 Florida
    Marc Allen 1972 Iowa
    Steven Anderson 1986 Washington
    Christopher Armstrong 1979 Arkansas
    Pablo Arriaga 1984 Texas
    Jose Arriola 1949 California
    Don Baker 1943 California
    Matthew Barrows 1976 Texas
    Dallas Basham 1961 Florida
    Joseph Benton 1985 Texas
    Jason Bevins 1971 Nebraska
    Robert Biela 1950 Texas
    Brian Bleyl 1968 Arizona
    Oscar Bonilla 1961 California
    Adam Brundage 1977 Pennsylvania
    Steven Bunch 1959 Kentucky
    Ruben Cantu 1960 Texas
    HUGO CARCAMO 1972 Florida
    Fernando Cardenas 1971 Washington
    Kevin Carpenter 1967 Washington
    Manuel Chabarria 1972 Texas
    David Civile 1984 New Jersey
    John Clark 1963 Arkansas
    Eric Cohen 1980 New York
    LEON CORRIVEAU 1965 Massachusetts
    Juan Cortez Ramos 1975 Arizona
    Elijah Cravens Unknown Oklahoma
    Kevin Cromer 1980 Pennsylvania
    David Cunillera 1976 Pennsylvania
    Kenneth Daily 1968 Washington
    Mitchell Darlington 1965 Washington
    William Downey 1974 Washington
    Georgios Drakontaidis 1959 Virginia
    Edward DuBarry 1947 New Jersey
    Christopher Duffy 1968 Washington
    Ernie Earls 1965 Arkansas
    Paul Eckert 1965 New Jersey
    JASON ERTHAL 1973 California
    Daniel Eye 1961 Virginia
    Scott Fandel 1965 Alaska
    Kevin Farris 1964 Oklahoma
    James Fay 1948 Minnesota
    Keith Fleming 1963 Florida
    Duane Fochtman 1971 Oregon
    Terry FOX 1950 California
    Jesse Gable 1976 California
    Stuart Garbowitz 1956 California
    Angelo Gatti 1952 California
    Frank Giarrizzo 1955 New York
    David Gilchrist 1963 Washington
    David Gionet 1964 Michigan
    John Gladstone 1956 Georgia
    Johnny Gonzales 1987 Texas
    Richard Griener 1958 Illinois
    Michael Griffin 1939 California
    Alfred Grimes 1954 California
    Rodney Grissom 1962 Oregon
    Robert Grossman 1978 Florida
    Bradley Hansen 1982 Arizona
    Michael Hawley 1984 Michigan
    James Hendrickson 1979 Arizona
    Jose Hernandez 1974 Georgia
    Jose Hernandez Martinez 1956 District of Columbia
    Kipling Hess III 1966 Florida
    Marti Hetzell 1971 Washington
    Jeffrey Holloman 1986 Alabama
    Raymond Hunley 1963 Indiana
    Glenn Hustin, Jr. 1970 Michigan
    Yaroslav Iventyev 1981 Florida
    Ricardo Jimenez 1977 Texas
    Danius Johnson 1972 Wisconsin
    Danny Jones 1959 Texas
    Gilberto Jurado 1961 California
    Spencer Karas 1987 California
    Wilfred King III 1943 Vermont
    Mark Kommel 1948 New York
    Steven Kozak Jr. 1973 Oklahoma
    Aaron Lamson 1974 Hawaii
    Willy Lecompte 1972 North Carolina
    FRANK LEONE 1967 Florida
    Todd Lucchesi 1970 California
    Jamie Lusher 1976 Massachusetts
    Joshua Mahaffey 1976 Illinois
    Victor Manzares 1960 California
    Eugene Martin 1970 Iowa
    Ernest Martinez 1965 New Mexico
    Richard McCarthy 1959 California
    Shawn McNeese 1971 Ohio
    Stephen Meeks 1956 North Carolina
    Charles Melendez 1969 Texas
    Naum Mendez 1974 Florida
    Joel Mendoza 1972 California
    Max Metcalf 1925 Wisconsin
    Manuel Mireles-Garcia 1977 Virginia
    Christopher Mittendorf 1985 Tennessee
    Phillip Montoya 1959 California
    Gary Mullinax 1954 Arkansas
    Benjamin Munoz 1978 Washington
    Edward Nye 1963 Oregon
    JACOB OLIVIER 1988 Florida
    Michael Palmer 1984 Alaska
    Timothy Parry 1970 Utah
    Orestes Perez 1969 Florida
    Blake Pursley 1979 California
    Manuel Quintana 1983 Arizona
    Ruben Ramirez 1966 Texas
    Juan Ramos 1982 Texas
    Raul Ramos 1978 Texas
    Felipe Reyes 1980 Texas
    Michael Richards 1974 Washington
    HECTOR RIVERA 1978 California
    Travis Roberson 1982 Arkansas
    Ulises Roldan 1972 Florida
    Jaime Romero 1980 Maryland
    Richard Rounsaville 1958 Oklahoma
    Brendt Rozelle 1967 Oregon
    Conrado Rueda 1975 California
    Jason Russo 1974 California
    Arnaldo Salvati 1946 Texas
    Jairo Sanchez 1958 Florida
    Chipley Sanders 1971 Kentucky
    Louis Sandoval 1981 California
    Jason Saul 1980 Arizona
    Cameron Sequeira 1977 Arizona
    Scott Sims 1950 Texas
    Ronald Sisneros 1967 Colorado
    Nicholas Smith 1979 New Mexico
    Miguel Soto 1978 New Mexico
    Joseph Spears 1956 Mississippi
    Dean Thoms 1966 Arizona
    James Throneberry 1967 Texas
    Thomas Thurston 1986 California
    JOHN TROYER 1963 California
    Michael Troyer 1973 California
    Anthony Tumolo 1952 Pennsylvania
    Daniel Turpin 1962 Washington
    Reagan Uden 1970 Wyoming
    Richard Uden 1968 Wyoming
    Hubert Valdez 1974 Texas
    Edward Vannatter 1971 Ohio
    Robert Vanzant 1955 Oklahoma
    Evaristo Velasquez 1960 Texas
    Chance Wackerhagen 1984 Texas
    Ricky Walker 1960 Florida
    JAMES WELTER 1951 Mississippi
    Jacob Wetterling 1978 Minnesota
    James Wiggins 1981 Louisiana
    Mark Wilson 1954 California
    James Yarbrough 1969 Missouri
    Lillard Young 1950 Tennessee
    Carlos Zabala 1977 Alaska


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