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    TN - Dustin Harrell for torturing dog to death, Jonesborough, 2011

    Mark my words people, we WILL be reading about this monster again


    Dustin Ricky Harrell

    He threw the dog down the stairs repeatedly, when HOney's leg finally broke and Honey cried in pain... he then taped HOney's mouth shut but the abuse was just beginning....

    MANY MANY MORE details in this article including that his father who reported the dogs death to police is the one who bonded him out..
    also he has assaulted this same father in the past.......


    This guy is going to kill a person some day............

    RIP Honey, you're in a better place now

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    really wish I hadn't read the thread title ... tried to scroll on by but felt guilty

    now I'll be disturbed all night ... poor little baby Honey

    how many other vulnerable, defenseless creatures has the monster tortured & why would his father bond him out? I'd let him rot ...

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    I, too, wonder why I open these threads - ughhh! He's 21...dang near old enough to know better (heck, a 5 year old would know better).

    I can't believe daddy bailed him out. If my son did that to one of our fur babies, he'd be staring at the wall until his time was served. Then he wouldn't be coming to my house! I understand that parents bail their kids out, but this is ridiculous.

    So I have to ask...what next? Kids? Adults?

    IMHO there's no help for monsters like him.


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    I too wanted to scroll on by, but, didn't. Read this article as my own 4 pound yorkie is sitting on my lap, RIP little Honey, so sad!(((

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    This hurts me to my inner core. I am unable to express adequately the pure and unadulterated hatred and disgust that I have for this poor excuse of a human being.
    Bless Honey's heart....
    Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy jewelry and lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion, Every Day Is Special.

    In My Humble Opinion and I Reserve
    The Right To Change It As Often As Neccessary.

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    How could anyone with a brain in his head bail out such a monstrous person?

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    October 2012:

    Sentencing for a Jonesborough man who admitted he killed his family’s dog while on bath salts and cocaine was delayed again Wednesday, this time because a background check that could pave the way for judicial diversion is not complete.Dustin Ricky Harrell, 22, pleaded guilty in May to aggravated animal cruelty for the torture death of a four-pound Yorkie, Honey.

    Dustin Ricky Harrell, animal abuser

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    January 2013:

    Jonesborough man sentenced to 18 months probation for torture of family dog

    A Jonesborough, Tenn. man was sentenced to judicial diversion on Monday in the egregious animal cruelty case of a four-pound Yorkshire terrier. Dustin Ricky Harrell, 22 of 1178 Old Stage Road pleaded guilty last May to torturing the family dog named Honey...

    Harrell told the judge his girlfriend had broken up with him, and he used the dog to gain sympathy by saying the dog had been hit by a car.

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    May 2014:

    Washington County Criminal Court Judge Robert Cupp is now second-guessing his ruling last year to grant judicial diversion for a man charged in a highly publicized animal killing...

    That comment came after an outburst fit for a Jerry Springer episode in which Harrell’s father, Ricky Harrell, verbally attacked a media reporter in open court...

    Cupp also read into the record the details of the probation violation, which included not reporting to his probation officer as ordered, leaving the state for work without a proper court-granted travel permit, forging a letter from an employer to the probation office, testing positive for oxycodone and suboxone and failing to complete court-ordered community service...

    For now, Harrell remains jailed without bond.

    Dustin Harrell, animal abuser

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    August 2015 - arrested again for probation violation.


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    November 2015:

    A Johnson City man was ordered to serve his 18-month jail sentence after his second probation violation in an animal cruelty case that sparked outcry from animal rights activists because of how he killed a dog...

    As the dog was spinning in the dryer for four minutes, Harrell did an Internet search for “dog in dryer,” according to testimony at a previous hearing. Then he threw the dog down on the floor, which he told investigators is when the dog’s leg broke. To aid the dog, Harrell then got an Icy Hot sleeve to put on her leg and used painter’s tape to keep her from crying...

    If Harrell had completed his judicial diversion probation successfully, the sentence would have expired last year and the conviction would have been stricken from his record.

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