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    Getting the facts

    FL - James Brotherton, 49, abducted & murdered, Sarasota, 21 Nov 2011

    Man shot after using ATM

    Sarasota detectives hope someone will recognize the suspect seen in surveillance video with a Sarasota City bus driver only four minutes before he died.

    Police believe it was an attempted robbery. But, they say 49-year-old James Brotherton showed the suspect that his account was empty. Brotherton was alive only a few minutes after that ATM transaction.

    "We believe this is the man we need to identify as the suspect in this case," said Wendy Rose with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.


    "The two get back in the vehicle," said Rose. "Brotherton driving and the suspect behind him in the rear passenger seat."

    Brotherton was last seen alive on the ATM surveillance videotape and but police say it was only a few minutes later, he was found dead, only about a mile and a half away.

    "We know four minutes later, he is shot and killed near the Gulf Gate library," Rose said.

    A Sheriff's deputy found Brotherton's body around 12:30 a.m. during a routine patrol.


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    From the link above:

    "Detectives scanned the grounds with metal detectors and picked-up what appeared to be a shell casing.

    They're banking on the hope that someone at one of the many bars and restaurants still open in that Gulf Gate "triangle", from the ATM, to where his body was found, to where his car was dropped, may have seen the suspect.

    "Obviously, this would appear to be the suspect in this murder," said Rose. "Because of the timeline and the short distance between the two locations."

    Not far from there, Brotherton's car was abandoned near Stickney Point Road and Gateway Drive, around 5:20 that morning."

    So the killer had the car from the time of the killing around 12:30am until around 5:20am...they say 'was abandoned' at that location, not 'was found'...do they have video of that to give such an exact time?

    Is it a shadow from the hat or is the suspect also wearing glasses?

    Why is there no description of the car if LE is asking for anyone who saw the suspect during those hours?

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    From December 2013:


    There were no surprises in the courtroom when convicted murderer Charles Hill was sentenced to life in prison. It was mandatory because prosecutors had dropped the death penalty after Hill indicated he would not fight it.

    Hill received three consecutive life sentences Tuesday for the November 2011 kidnapping, robbery and murder of James Brotherton.

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