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    1 yr old child drowns in ice chest

    I put this here because it was stated to be an accident, so it didn't really belong in crimes against children or crimes in the news......

    My own personal feeling is this was very preventable. Had the dad been up and awake watching the 1 yr old instead of resting in a bedroom.....

    RIP little guy


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    Of course this could have been prevented! The mother is 6 months pregnant and was at work. The dad was 'resting' in a bedroom! Resting??? He was asleep! I doubt he will be charged with neglect, but he should be, IMO, and even more than neglect! Five other siblings were at home when this 'accident' happened. There had been child welfare problems in the past. So there was 6 children in the mobile home (including the victim), and one on the way making it soon to be a total of 7 children. The mother at work and the dad was RESTING??????

    IMO, the dad should have been at work and the mother at home watching the children. Had this been the case, I have no doubt this little guy would still be alive. Child welfare authorities fail AGAIN!!! When are people going to stop having children they either cannot or will not take care of??

    Rest in peace little one. GB the other children.
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    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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