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    Awkward First Kiss - Virgin Diaries - TLC

    I haven't seen this here, but it's all over the news - promoting the new "Virgin Diaries" show soon to air on TLC. Gotta say, if my hubby had kissed me this way the first time, he would not be my hubby!


    Oh my! Apparently, the bride has at least some experience with kissing. Let's hope she's learned enough to teach him a slightly better technique!

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    Oh gross. Wouldn't you think he would have practiced first...on his hand or the mirror or something! Poor thing. Or maybe I should say "poor thing" about her. The art of kissing is very important...at least to me. It can be a deal breaker.

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    Oh my....that kiss HAS to be fake, right?! One can only hope.

    I think people who wait until they're married to have sex are asking for problems but waiting until you're married to kiss is a million times worse, IMO.

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    oh god,i totally cringed at their kiss.....it looked like he was trying to eat her

    kissing is so important to me.....i always like to get butterflies when i kiss my partner (when i have one lmao) and it should be like every kiss is our first
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    I don't know, she seems to be the one leaning hard into him, he's practically bent over backward. But yeah, gross. Hasn't he seen ANYONE kiss before? Even a 12yo wouldn't kiss like that the 1st time.

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    Has a mean streak in me that is tempted to send the video to my brother just to terrorize him. LoL He is so not into ANY kind of PDA, even at weddings. At his own wedding the kiss became an issue because he wanted it left out of the ceremony, and when he went in for the quick peck on the lips that his wife finally got him to agree on, the preacher was having none of it: he made them redo the kiss. LoL At which time his wife laid one on him, leaving my brother 10 shades of red. The whole church rolled...

    Thankfully it was a not a gross kiss like this video, and thankfully my brother laughed it off. But I'm telling you... I feel like inboxing him this video. LMAO!

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    It was like watching a bad accident....as much as I wanted to, I couldn't look away.

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    I saw this on the news this morning.

    It was hard to watch.

    They also showed a clip of Ellen D. sending them advice....
    "less chewing".
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    I saw that and thought OMG! If I was his new wife..I'd immediately file for an annulment and would have made Kim's marriage seem like a marathon

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