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    Post The most shoplifted items of the season

    While most of us are out buying holiday presents some people are getting their gifts with a five-finger discount. Ad Week is reporting that one in every 11 people walks out the door with at least one item they didnít pay for. With shoplifting up six percent this year, retailers stand to lose a whopping $119 billion of merchandise to shoplifters in 2011. And itís not just kids with sticky fingersó75 percent of shoplifters are adults, most of whom have jobs. We know people are hunting for holiday deals, but this amount of theft is both surprising and sad.


    At my store, a lot of hunting knives are stolen, I've noticed.

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    This was a neat Idea for a Thread. Im actually surprised to hear the amount of money lost thats crazy . Where Iam from and specifically where i live we have one of if not the most popular destinations in the summer as well as winter . The Town I live In Onle has a walmart thats the biggest mall so its not so much shoplifting as it is people breaking into cars and by far the most popular Item for people to have stolen are GPS devices ...
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    Our area is very economically depressed, so the shoplifting doesn't really pick up over the holidays, it's just an everyday occurrence. It's not hard to tell what the most commonly shoplifted items are, as they are the ones that aren't on the shelves anymore. Baby formula, all manner of small electronics, especially headphones and MP3 players, and a couple of my local grocery stores have even talked about bringing back the old style meat counter, just so they can keep the meat behind glass, because thefts of food are so high.
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    1 in 11?!

    that's insane!

    I caught someone once who was a well-dressed guy in his 20's & when I asked him why, he said "just to see if he could get away with it". He wasn't concerned in the slightest ... in fact, he seemed amused that he got caught.

    and it wasn't 'necessities' he had stuffed in his pockets

    that's what irks me the most - most of these people aren't stealing food

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