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    Woman's face catches on fire during surgery


    It was supposed to be a routine outpatient surgery to remove some growths from Kim Grice’s head. But something went horribly wrong during the Tuesday morning procedure and a flash fire seared Grice’s face and neck.

    The 29-year-old mother of three was rushed by helicopter to the University of South Alabama Burn Unit with burns to her face and neck.

    Experts say it shouldn’t be a surprise when fires flash in ORs. All the necessary ingredients are on hand to spark a conflagration.

    These days more and more operations use electro-cautery devices and lasers. Those devices are what Dr. David Cowles calls the “trifecta” of elements – oxygen, alcohol prep and an ignition source - that lead to flash fires in the OR.

    More at link....

    Picture of before and after included...

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    I remember during my OR rotation, we had a "fire safety in the OR" class. Literally. I had never realized how dangerous (in regards to fire) it really was in the OR until this class.

    It's no surprise to me. It's sad, of course, and I feel for her (and the Drs, too), but...well, it's not surprising. It is more surprising that this doesn't happen more often, especially with all the electrical stuff that's used during surgery.

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    I hope my daughter doesn't see this news. She is already very scared about the in-patient surgery she is having in another week. She'd really freak out if she read about this!

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    I've heard of this happening. Maybe I watch too many real-life medical shows on tv.

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