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    VA - Prince William Co., Remains Found, Dec'11 - Name withheld

    Surveyors working in a wooded area of Woodbridge Tuesday discovered badly decomposed human remains, steps away from a local county recreation center and park.

    Authorities said the remains were found down a ravine about 350 to 400 yards from a roadway near Dale Boulevard and Benita Fitzgerald Drive.

    Authorities couldn’t determine the age, sex and race of the remains because of the level of decomposition.

    They also couldn't determine if the person was a victim of foul play.

    "The neighboring jurisdictions, along with our detectives are looking at missing persons reports," said Prince William County Officer Jonathan Perok.

    He adds it is too early to identify the remains.

    "The remains are badly decomposed," Perok said. "We are leaning more toward an adult male victim."

    Neighbors say they are disturbed by the find.

    "It's scary to know that some poor soul has been there for a long time," said Celeste Hegele. "I'm just hoping it has nothing to do with anybody who has been robbed or a homeless person."
    video @ link


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    Some possibilities.

    Thomas Duesterhaus: https://www.findthemissing.org/cases/12281/2/

    He went missing from McLean, VA 23 miles to the north where the UID was found on June 17th. He was supposedly sighted in Virginia Beach and distraught over employment issues.

    Timothy Wait: https://www.findthemissing.org/cases/11041/3/

    Disappeared under unknown circumstances on May 10, 2011 in Stafford, VA - 21 miles south of the location the UID was discovered.

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    The decedent has been identified as a man who lived in a nearby apartment complex who apparently committed suicide. No name was provided.


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