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    Missing elderly couple had lost their way

    An elderly Missouri couple who went missing for nearly 24 hours were driving around, hopelessly lost.

    Violet Kaczmark, 83, says her husband William, 81, wouldn't stop to ask directions, reports KSDK NewsChannel 5.

    The couple, from Florissant, were heading to Maryland Heights for a family reception when they got lost.

    Violet wanted to stop for help but she says her husband didn't.

    "I told him I had seen two different cops and I think I'm going to one cop and tell him I'm lost and how do you get back to Florissant and, he says no I don't want you doing that," she said.

    The couple drove through the night, stopping only to buy petrol - three times.

    Meantime, Florissant police, fearing foul play, conducted a search and asked the media to broadcast the missing persons report.

    Florissant Captain Jerry Burke said: "There was a gentleman driving through East St. Louis as he heard it on the radio. He observed them driving in front of them erratically, back and forth between the lanes.

    "He pulled alongside them and yelled for them to pull over, which they did. Once he did that, he grabbed the keys and called police."


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    Poor baby, she's going to buy a cell phone so if they get lost again she can call for help! Methinks perhaps someone needs to PERMENENTLY take the keys away from her husband. Sounds as though someone's judgement and driving skills are failing.

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    Someone slap that guy for not stopping for directions, it sounds like my FIL.

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    Being 81 and 83, how did they manage to stay awake all night?
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicktor
    Being 81 and 83, how did they manage to stay awake all night?
    I'm not sure they were, hence the whole weaving thing.
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    Why does it take millions of sperm to fertilize just one egg?

    Because sperm won't stop to ask for directions

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